Jessica Wang
BIOEN 498 E – Quantitative Physiology and Transport (Winter 2015)
Cells in the Myocardium
Type of cell
Heart muscle cell in the cell.
Makes the pulsing motions of the
Striated. Contains myofibrils that heart muscle
connect together sarcomeres.
Synthetic nerve ending
Nerve cells – receive signals
Parasympathetic nerve ending
Nerve cells – receive signals
Branched cytoplasm with an
elliptical shaped nucleus that
may have two or more nucleolus.
Thin cells, squamous cells. No
space in between the cells
Endothelial Cells
Red blood cells (erythrocytes in
Macrophages (in blood)
Smooth muscle cells
Purkinje fibers
Lay on the basement membrane.
Communicate with endothelial
cells via signals.
Cells full of hemoglobin. Sort of
bowl shaped. No nucleus or
Large white blood cells. Flexible
cell membranes
Contractile muscle cells that
respond to nerve endings
Located on inner ventricular walls
of heart. Very branched, thin
Helps to increase the heart rate
to sympathetic stimuli. Activated
by epinephrine, norepinephrine.
Helps to decrease heart rate in
response to parasympathetic
Makes EC matrix and collagen
Make a barrier and line the inside
of blood vessels and lymphatic
Wrap around the endothelial
cells and contract or release
To carry around oxygen all
around the body.
To engulf pathogens/debris and
destroy them
Constrict or dilate vessels
according to autonomic NS.
Transmit electrical signals for
heart beat.
Transport Processes
Action potential ions moved via
voltage gated channels. Muscle
contraction when sarcomeres
Synaptic cleft has vesicles of
neurotransmitter and sometimes
reuptake pumps
Cells can travel around on top of
endothelial cells to get to sites
where it is needed
Not designed to move? When
endothelial cells are being shed
they detach and flow away?
Signals have to transmit
somehow? Paracrine signaling.
Their job is to transport oxygen
all throughout the body. Iron
Phagocytosis—process of
engulfing. Signaling for
inflammatory response.
Contracts by action potentials,
have vesicles of ions/signal
Electrical conduction has to be
FAST. Have lots of voltage gated
channels to transmit AP.