Jessica R. Murray-Moraleda
INSTITUTE: U. S. Geological Survey
TITLE: Research Geophysicist
PERIOD OF STAY: September 1 – November 30, 2011
RESEARCH THEME: An algorithm for detecting transient deformation events in GPS data
HOST TEACHER: Junichi Fukuda
My research focuses on using geodetic data to constrain models of crustal deformation in order
to illuminate the underlying physical processes and improve seismic hazard assessment.
Particularly interesting to me are aseismic processes including fault creep, postseismic
deformation, and transient slip. My current work includes applying block modeling
methodology to investigate the way in which strain is partitioned between strike-slip and thrust
faulting in the central coast region of California, imaging the spatial extent and rate of creep on
faults in northern California, and developing methods for automatically detecting transient
deformation signals in geodetic data. In addition to these research activities, I lead the GPS
component of the USGS Earthquake Science Center’s Crustal Deformation Project. In this
capacity I oversee data collection, processing, and monitoring, the expansion of continuous GPS
station coverage, and new efforts to use real-time high-rate GPS data for improved earthquake
response. My primary research focus while at ERI is the further development of transient
detection methods, and I am grateful for the exciting opportunity to work with Dr. Junichi
Fukuda on this project.