Crime and Punishment reflection

Gabriela Apraez
AP-Lit 2B
Honestly I don’t think I did well at all on this paper. I feel like I didn’t have much to say.
So I kind of went on and on about the same thing so that at when you’re done reading my paper
you’ll be like what did I just read? I couldn’t think of anything to say pretty much. What I
learned about writing this paper is that I seriously suck at writing. Also that I used to enjoy
English class, but last year and this year has just been awful. I feel so self-conscience about my
writing and just scared to sound dumb. Which I’ve done a spectacular job at doing already, so
props to me! I just don’t why I feel like I can’t do so well. English is my second language and I
think it’s safe to say that it’s pretty amazing to be in an AP language class and to try to do better.
But it’s just hard sometimes. I like to challenge myself and that’s why I took AP English and AP
Lit. I hope to be able to make my writing worth reading as the year goes on. To be able to
understand the assignment and be like. “Oh I got this. “To just be more open-minded about the
many more assignments to come. I want to be able to use some of the fab vocabulary to make it
sound more sophisticated. I know that I am capable of doing better so that’s why I’m not going
to give up, yet at least. I just don’t need my grade to suffer from just not being able to handle this
class. That all goes back to me though, I just need to not be so dumb and get my head in the
game for next quarter.