CTSA Career Scholar Award
The goal of the CTSA K12 Scholar mechanism is to produce accomplished clinical/translational
researchers capable of utilizing the tools of clinical and/or basic research to improve the understanding
or treatment of human disease.
Research topics can relate to any aspect of clinical and/or translational research, relevant to any patient
population and disease group, and employing any suitable research approach, however, potential
relevance to the understanding or treatment of human disease must be demonstrated.
Eligible candidates hold a MD, PhD, or MD/PhD degree for this position.
Funding Availability
The CTSA K12 scholars will receive a salary capped at $75,000 plus fringe benefits calculated at the
federal benefits rates, each year. Additional funds for travel will be made available. Total percent effort
committed to the K12 grant must be greater than or equal to 75%.
Eligibility Requirements
Applicants shall be relatively new investigators, at the faculty level of Assistant Professor or
Instructor at the University of Chicago, committed to a career in clinical and/or translational
research. Please note that Associate Professors may apply if they are newly entering the field of
clinical and translational research.
Graduate students and post-doctoral trainees are not eligible for either award.
The CTSA K12 award is open to MD, PhD, and MD/PhD candidates.
All candidates are expected to assemble a multidisciplinary mentoring committee of senior
Individuals with a submitted/pending external K-award or similar career development award at
the time of submission to the ITM are not eligible. However, a candidate who can provide
evidence that an external application will not be funded because it is not in a fundable score
range may apply.
All K12 Scholars are expected to enroll in the Master of Science in Health Studies or other
applicable master’s degree program offered at the University, unless they have already had
equivalent training in clinical or translational research. Tuition for the master’s degree will be
waived for K12 Scholars.
All K12 Scholars are expected to establish a clinical/translational research program, which can
be sustained beyond the period of initial support.
All K12 Scholars are expected to participate in the monthly ITM Clinical Scholar Seminar Series,
as well as ITM Outcomes Research Workshops and other ITM educational seminars, as
appropriate to their areas of study.
A crucial expectation of the awardees is that preliminary data will be developed which will serve
as the basis for an NIH-level grant application in clinical and/or translational research.
Awardees will be expected to submit reports on a yearly basis or more frequently as requested
by the ITM Executive Committee.
Application and Review
To apply, please include the following:
1. Full curriculum vitae (not an NIH Biosketch)
2. A one-page description of the candidate’s commitment to an academic career in patient-oriented
research, to include all professional responsibilities and their relation to the proposed activities in the
career award.
3. A research proposal (limit 7 pages) including:
specific aims (1 page)
research strategy
i. significance
ii. innovation
iii. approach
iv. impact statement
preliminary studies
literature cited, and information regarding human subjects and vertebrate animal involvement
(these elements are not included in the 10-page limit)
4. A brief letter from the Department Chair addressing:
the candidate’s prospects for development into an independently funded clinical/translational
the Department’s assurance that at least 75% of the candidate’s time will be protected for
research career development and devoted to her/his role as a K12 Scholar; and
names of proposed mentors who will constitute a multidisciplinary mentoring committee for the
Scholar (a minimum of two disciplines must be represented). Mentors can be from outside the
University of Chicago however UC mentors will also be expected.
5. A brief letter from the candidate’s mentors, indicating their commitment to the candidate and
support for the training plan.
Applications by women, underrepresented minorities, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, and
individuals with disabilities remain a high priority for funding. The academic and intellectual background,
motivation, and commitment of the candidate to pursue clinical and/or translational research will be
The criteria for selecting awardees will include assessment of the candidate’s potential, the dedication
to clinical and/or translational research, and the degree of support from the Department.
Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.
CTSA K12 applications should be prepared as a single PDF file, with the filename as CTSA-K12PIname.pdf (PI name = your name)
Please e-mail applications (in a single PDF file) to [email protected]

CTSA Career Scholar Award