Tennessee Arts Commission
Sample Program – Student Ticket Subsidy
Artist or Organization’s Name: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Presentation/Activity Name: Guided Highlights Tour
Indicate which of the following disciplines this activity represents (check all that apply):
Other: Social Studies
Beginning Date: This program is offered throughout the year.
Time(s): Monday through Friday, 9 am -5 pm
Location: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, 222 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203
Fee or Ticket Cost: $4 per student for Title I public schools in Cheatham, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner,
Wilson, and Williamson counties, $6 per student for non-Title I public schools in those counties, $6 for
private school and homeschool students in Davidson County, $8 for students in all other Tennessee,
southern Kentucky, and northern Alabama counties (Free for all MNPS students.)
Brief Description of Activity (include length of activity in minutes):
The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Guided Highlights tour is a 1 hour and 30 minute
interactive tour of the museum. Led by trained volunteer guides, students engage with the history and
culture of country music through studying artifacts, including instruments, clothing, song manuscripts,
cars, photographs, video, and much more. In this multimedia experience, students will also analyze
audio and video recordings, and discuss the ways in which music reflects different people, styles, time
periods, and social changes.
How does the presentation increase the students’ appreciation for and knowledge of the art form?
The Guided Highlights tour gives students the opportunity to connect with and experience music of the
past, which in turn provides them with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of contemporary
music as well as the process through which music evolves and adapts in response to cultural shifts.
Why should teachers give up valuable instruction time for the presentation?
The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s exhibitions present a window to distant and recent
history through objects and multimedia. The tour is an interdisciplinary experience, encompassing
music, visual arts, English language arts, social studies, science, and more. It presents music and visual
arts in a larger cultural and historical context. Students learn about a diverse range of performers,
performance styles, and instruments, and about the ways in which music and history influence one
another. By engaging with the museum’s content and the history of country music, students are able to
develop an understanding of music’s significance as a medium of cultural and artistic expression.
What are the educational goals of the presentation?
The primary goal of the Guided Highlights program is to emphasize the history behind and cultural
significance of country music. Students will learn about the intersection of music and culture, and the
ways in which the lessons of the core curriculum subjects can be better understood and appreciated
through music. Additional goals include learning about different musical instruments and musical and
performance styles as well as gaining insight into the business of music, its distribution, and the
evolution of the industry.

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