Death of the Dodo
The death of the dodo has caused many queries and troubles. Many have
thought differently about how the dodo became extinct. Extinct means, when a
species of plant or animal does no longer exist. Where as, extinct in the wild,
means that they do no longer exist in the wild, and only exist in captivity. The
dodo became extinct around the time of the 16th century. The dodo, is part of
the pigeon family, and looks hardly like one. It is about a meter in height, has a
large bum, feathers everywhere on its body, apart from its feet and beak/head.
The dodo lived in the Mascerene Islands of Mauritius. These islands are located in
the Indian Ocean. The dodo was found roaming around in the jungle with a
whole lot more of there species.
In the 16th century, (1598) some Portuguese sailors stumbled upon the dodos. The
sailors thought very low of these birds. Some Dutch also found the dodos, and
settled upon their island. They thought they were stupid, ugly, and fat. This was
not the case. They were actually very fast, and were not too stupid.
The sailors killed the dodos, and ate them. They spat out the meat, thinking it
tasted disgusting. It was an oily taste with not much meat to eat. When the Dutch
settled upon their island, they brought wild animals with them. Some of the
animals, (dogs, pigs, and some monkeys), were set to roam free, ate them, their
eggs, and them themselves. When the Dutch settled on the island, they took over
the dodo’s habitat. They were forced to move to the coast. Some archaeologists were digging up under a
village, and were hoping to find dodo bones. But all they found were other bones. No one ate the dodos,
only the animals ate them. There were 83 years were between the discovery and extinction.
A food chain is the chain of something being eaten by another. The dodo ate
the fruit the off The Mauritian Calvaria tree. The dodos would eat the fruit, and the
feral animals, such as lions, tiger’s wolves, would eat the dodo.
My whole opinion on the dodos and the impact they made to Earth today, is
quite and odd one. Even though the dodos were thought to be stupid and slow,
they were not. This is how I formed my opinion. Dodos were probably quite fast,
and not stupid at all. They did have quite an impact on life today as we know it.
A lot of research has gone into finding more out about the dodo.
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Extinction of the Dodo