Endangered animal PowerPoint

What do all of these animals
have in common?
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Endangered Animals
• Definition of endangered: species in
danger of extinction, but can still be saved.
• An animal is extinct if no more of that species is
alive in the wild or in captivity. An example is the
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What animals are endangered?
There are more than 1,000 endangered species worldwide. These are
just some of those animals:
• Giant Panda, around 250 individuals in the left wild.
• Basking Shark
• Arctic fox
• Northern Hairy nosed wombat
• Crested shellduck
• Black rhino
• African Penguin
• Surinam toad
• White warty back mussel
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Why bother saving them?
• Why should we bother saving any animals at all?
• Think about why you think we should try to save endangered animals.
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What animal would you save?
• Have a think about the endangered animals you have seen.
• What animal would you choose to save?
• Is there another animal that you know about and would like to save?
Your task:
Prepare a short presentation or design an advert to persuade others to save your
chosen animal.
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