Unit One Essential Questions and Mastery Objectives Ocean

Oceanography Unit 1 Essential Questions & Mastery Objectives
Essential Questions
What is the scientific method and why is it important in science?
 What is a controlled experiment and why is it necessary?
 How can you use data charts, tables, and graphs to analyze data?
 How can you use technology to create data tables, and graphs?
 What is a map scale and how do I create a scaled map?
What are the unique physical characteristics of water and how is each important to life?
Mastery Objectives
The following are things that you are expected to know or be able to do by the end of unit one.
The Scientific Method:
 Explain the aim of science and the scientific method.
 List or arrange the steps in order.
 Define hypothesis. Distinguish one from a theory.
 What should be done if an experiment doesn’t support your hypothesis?
Controlled Experiments:
 Define: controlled experiments, control, independent variable, dependent variable,
experimental group, trials, levels, sample size, reliability.
 Identify when an experiment is not controlled.
 Identify the control and experimental groups in any experiment.
 Design a controlled experiment for simple biological questions.
 Identify bias in experiments.
 Explain the importance of repeatability of an experiment.
 Explain the importance of sample size.
Data Analysis and Computer Graphing
 Use an Excel Spreadsheet to make a completely word-processed, professional graph.
 Explain trends and identify data points using a graph or table.
Scaling and Map Making
 Explain the steps used to triangulate the distance to an unknown object.
 Demonstrate your ability to triangulate the distance to an unknown object.
 Given a scale, determine the actual distance between two points and vice versa.
 Design a map of the Bluefish River Estuary using an appropriate scale.
Waters Unique Properties
List 8 of the unique properties of water
Explain the importance of each of the properties of water to living things.