Scavenger Hunt

Ancient Greece Scavenger Hunt
Ancient Greece for Kids: Geography
1. What type of landform is Greece? What does
this mean?
2. Why were the Greeks great sailors?
3. Why did cities thrive in mainland Greece?
Education in Ancient Greece
1. Who attended school in Greece?
2. What did boys learn?
3. What did girls learn?
Channel 4 Learning: Ancient Greece
1. Who wrote the first European piece of
2. What was the name of #1 and what was it
3. What was one of the most famous buildings in
4. When did the Olympic games start?
5. Where were the first Olympic games?
6. Why are Greek archaeological sites important?
Name _____________________________________
Ancient Greek Government
1. Summarize the term ‘city-state’ in one
sentence using your own words.
2. What did it mean “to be Greek”?
3. What were the three main forms of
4. Define and give an example for the three main
forms of government.
Daily Life in Ancient Greece
1. Why did men have a better life than women?
2. Why did Spartan women have more freedom
than Athenian women?
3. What was the role of slaves in Ancient
4. How did marriage affect Greek women?
Ancient Greece for Kids: Achievements from the Greeks
Directions: Summarize each of the following achievements in one sentence in your own words.
1. Trial by jury
2. Greek columns
3. Greek architecture
4. Greek myths
5. Roots of democracy
Ancient Greece Gods
1. List three ways the Greeks showed their gods
were important to them.
2. What were the Greek gods and goddesses
like? What did they do?
3. Who lived on Mt. Olympus?
4. Where was Mt. Olympus?
5. Who was the ruler of all the gods and
Peloponnesian War (#1&2)
Peloponnesian War (#3&4)
1. According to Thucydides, why did the
Peloponnesian war start?
2. What allowed the Spartans to begin winning
battles during the Peloponnesian war?
3. Why did the Athenians change their
4. Why did the Spartans win the Peloponnesian
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