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Geography of Greece (Chapter 25)
Section 25.1 Introduction
Greece is a small country in ___________ ___________. It is shaped a little like a ___________, with ___________ that
reach into the ____________________ _______. The mainland of Greece is a __________________. A peninsula is land
that is ____________________________________________________________________________. Greece also
includes many ___________ through the Mediterranean and __________________ ___________.
Mainland Greece is a land of ___________ and ___________ mountains, almost entirely surrounded by turquoise-blue
seas. The ancient Greeks lived on ___________ or in ___________ villages. These farms and villages were ___________,
or separated from one another by the high mountains.
Section 25.2 Isolated Communities and Travel
In ancient Greece, _________________ were isolated from one another because of high mountains. It was hard to travel
over the mountains, so there was little ____________________ between people in different ____________________.
Travel by land was especially difficult People__________, or ___________ in carts pulled by oxen or ________________.
Roads were __________________. Sharp rocks frequently shattered wooden _________________, and wagons could
become stuck in the ___________. Only ________________ could afford to ride horses.
Where could travelers stop?
What did they have to bring with them?
Why did they travel in small groups?
Traveling by ___________ was easier, but it was still _________________ and __________________.
Why was it dangerous to travel by boat?
How did the Greek treat the sea?
When did they travel?
How did they show respect?
Section 25.3 Farming in Ancient Greece
How did most people in Ancient Greece survive?
Why wasn’t this an easy job?
With so little flat land available, Greek farmers had to think of the best way to use the land they had. Some farmers built
____________________________________________ to create more flat land for planting. A few farmers were able to
grow ___________ and ___________ but most grew crops that needed less land, especially _________ and _________.
How did the Greeks use olives?
For whom did the farmers grow food?
What is the best known sweetener in the ancient world?
What kinds of animals did Greek farmers raise? Why?
What did these animals supply?
The ___________ of good ___________ sometimes led to ___________ between Greek settlements, with each one
claiming land for itself.
As a result of this, what did some settlements do?
Section 25.4 Starting Colonies
What happened as the populations of Greek communities grew?
What was the solution?
What are colonies?
What did the colonist do for the Greek homeland?
Colonist had many preparations to make before starting their __________________.
Who did they consult? Why?
What did they take along from their town? Why
Starting a colony wasn’t easy. First, there was a long sea ___________. Then settlers had to find a place for their
__________________. They looked for areas that had _____________ ______________ and good _________________.
What did they try to avoid?
They had to ___________ their new ___________ and ___________ ___________ to make it survive.
When did the Greeks establish colonies? From ___________ to ___________
How many years?
Where did the first group settle?
Where is it located?
What is the country called today?
Where else did the Greeks start colonies?
What did these colonies spread?
Colonists continued to enjoy the rights of citizens back home, including the right to participate in ________________.
Section 25.5 Trading for Needed Goods
Besides starting new _________________, many Greek ___________ on the _________________ used ___________ to
get goods they needed.
Why did some settlements trade very little?
Why did some rely on trade?
With whom did the Greeks trade?
What did they trade?
Who owned the ships?
Merchant ships were built of ___________, with large ___________ ___________ sails. Merchants build their ships for
___________ to hold ___________ rather than for speed.
How fast did the ships travel?
How long would it take for a one-way trip from the mainland? Why was navigating the ships difficult?
What did they use to help them with location?
What couldn’t the stars tell them?
___________________ flourished along the Mediterranean.