Chemistry Lab Report Format

Chemistry Lab Report Format
Lab title :
Lab Partners:
Lab Objective
State the purpose for the lab, like what you want to learn, find by performing the lab.
Experiment Outline:
Provide an outline for the experiment like what you are measuring and how you will go about
perform the experiment, materials that you have used and any reason for the selection of a
particular lab ware. Please do not fill step by step procedure State something like the The
metal was massed using a scale … rather than We took the metal and placed on the scale, and
do not copy from internet the lab, just write what you have done.
List all the observations before , during and after the lab. Any special changes to the
Data and calculation
The data should be neatly presented in a tabular form. Label the numbers with units.
Include graphs, calculations, and any diagrams if needed) to explain your results. All the
calculation part is written here. Show clear work including calculations. For example
Raw Data:
Mass beaker + copper(II) sulfate
Mass beaker
110.00 g
95.5 g
Mass CuSO4 : 110.00 g – 95.5g = 14.5g
Conclusion and discussion
Here clear infer your results based on your observation and calculations. State and explain the
principles that explain your results. All the post lab questions should be addressed here. Certain
experiments if your data is off the expected value than calculate your % error and state the
reason for the error. Don’t simply say human errors…. Does not help. List out all the possible
errors based on your lab (during). Your grade for the lab will not be affected by the final answer
rather it depends on how you can take a step back and see how to improve your skills. So find a
solid reason for any unexpected results.
The report needs to be well labeled, neat, legible and organized. Be consistent font size
12, double space.