Candidate Care Tip Sheet

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Candidate Care Tip Sheet
Purpose: To advise the Hiring Manager on ways to engage with candidates throughout the recruitment and selection
process, projecting a professional and positive image of ECU.
Introduction to Candidate Care:
As the recruitment of high performing staff is critical for the success of ECU, the way in which Hiring Managers engage
with potential candidates and applicants is of upmost importance. Each recruitment exercise is an opportunity to interact
with academic and professional networks, alumni, and the community in general. Hence it is an opportunity to display a
professional and positive image of ECU.
Developing a Candidate Care Strategy:
The Hiring Manager should start considering how to engage with potential candidates when the decision has been
made to proceed with a recruitment process.
Reflect on Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the recruitment and selection process.
Stage 2 - Attract
Consider how to publicise the vacant position and engage target groups and individuals, eg. asking staff to refer
high performing associates and contacts to the advertisement, and emailing professional network groups. Such
methods can reach suitable individuals who are not actively job seeking.
The Contact Person (usually the Hiring Manager) listed on the advertisement must be available during the
whole advertising phase to answer phone calls and emails regarding the vacancy.
The Contact Person should be well informed about the vacant position and the immediate work area.
Discussions with potential candidates are opportunities to discuss the role and the individuals’ knowledge, skills
and abilities.
Information given should be honest, professional and tactful. Confidentiality should always be maintained.
If asked by the individual about potential job fit, the Contact Person has the opportunity to considerately advise
for or against the individual making an application based on the required capabilities.
Individuals who do not appear to meet the required capabilities can then opt out of making an application,
saving them and the Hiring Manager time and resources. Hiring Managers should ensure that the individual is
treated in a respectful manner, and encouraged to apply for other jobs at ECU which may be a better fit.
Individuals who appear to meet the required capabilities should be encouraged to apply for the position.
Stage 3 – Assess
The shortlisting period should be as brief as possible to minimise the number of candidates opting out of the
process. (See Pathways to Shortlisting for information on comprehensive shortlisting).
The Hiring Manager is encouraged to email candidates to notify them if there will be a lengthy shortlisting
period, or if there are any delays or changes to the recruitment process.
When organising a skills test, interview or if further information or documentation is required, the Hiring Manager
is encouraged to phone candidates and then follow up with a detailed email.
Before contacting referees, seek permission from the candidate.
Promptly advise your Senior HR Officer or HR Account Manager when candidates have been assessed as
unsuccessful (at the shortlisting and post-interview stages). HR will notify candidates that their application has
been unsuccessful.
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If an unsuccessful candidate asks for feedback on their application, tests or interview, the Hiring Manager (or
Chair) may provide that information based on the capabilities required. It is important to give candidates
feedback on both their strengths and areas needing development in the context of these specific job
capabilities. Keep in mind that the unsuccessful candidate put time and effort into their application. By
expressing appreciation for their application, maintaining confidentiality and providing feedback in a considerate
and professional manner, the Hiring Manager (or Chair) projects ECU values of Integrity, Respect, Rational
Inquiry and Personal Excellence.
Stage 4 – Integrate
The Hiring Manager makes a verbal offer of employment and negotiates the terms of the contract. Human
Resources will send out the written offer of employment when the Appointment Form has been submitted and
other necessary checks have been performed.
Keep engaged with the successful candidate by phone and email to inform them of any necessary checks that
need to be performed, and ensure that they provide any relevant documentation and return signed employment
Email details regarding the successful candidate's first day:
o Date of first working day, and time to arrive;
o Campus, building, level and room location;
o Name of person who will meet them;
o Any other relevant information (eg. documentation to bring, meetings organised, ordinary working
hours/start and finish times)
See Pathway to Onboarding for further details.
If you have any questions about engaging with candidates, contact HRSC: 6304 5995 or
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