Michigan ESA Proposal
Financial Data and Projected Budget
2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Initial Accreditation Fee @ 2500 new
cohort (10 ESAs) and one $350
application fee for all applications
processed that year (Applications
must be submitted together)
School level initial Accreditation Fees
@ $650 per school (estimated to be
approximately 20 per year). No
additional application fee if school
applications are submitted along with
the ESA applications.
Review fee @ 1,500 once every 5
years – Review would occur in the 2nd
year following the application
Review costs estimated at @3000 per
review per year - Review would occur
in the 2nd year following the
*Currently accredited ESAs (7) Review
fee @ 1500 (*Budget year
information may need to be adjusted
based on current cycle)
*Currently accredited ESAs (7) Review
Expenses @ 3000 (*Budget year
information may need to be adjusted
based on current cycle)
15,000 15,000
30,000 30,000
TOTALS (not including expenses for
87, 850
45,000 45,000
Estimate of costs is based on the assumption of 10 new ESA applications (with the school applications)
submitted annually. The school fees may vary each year depending on the numbers of schools operated
by the ESA’s submitting applications.
MAISA would work with their member ESA’s to identify the cycle for entering into the accreditation
process over a 5 year period.
MAISA would collect the ESA and accompanying school applications and would submit them as one set
of applications. If applications are submitted as one group, we would assess only a single application fee
of $350 for the entire group. Applications that would be submitted individually would be subject to the
regular AdvancED application fee of $350.
After the initial accreditation application, each ESA would be responsible for their annual accreditation
fee and the annual accreditation fees of their schools. Annual ESA accreditation fee is $2500 and each
school would have an annual accreditation fee of $650.
MAISA would assume the costs for the Review Fee and the Review Expenses. These reviews would
occur every 5 years and estimated costs are approximately $5000 per review for the review fee and
expenses. The process allows new applicants to be candidates for up to two years and they would host
their External Review two years after initial application. If the MAISA, AdvancED Michigan and the ESA
believe they would be ready prior to that time, the External Review could occur sooner. Currently
accredited ESA’s would host their review 5 years after their most recent review.
State Office Support
In addition to technical assistance and access to the resources of the state office that are available to all
schools and institutions, AdvancED Michigan will provide the following services:
AdvancED Michigan State will provide ongoing collaboration and discussion with the Michigan
Department of Education and MAISA to align AdvancED ESA Accreditation Requirements with state
requirements for accountability for ESA’s.
AdvancED Michigan will provide an initial training and ESA retreat annually for the cohort of ESA’s
applying each year. This retreat will serve as the initial training for ESA personnel regarding the
accreditation standards and protocol and will include consultation on the development of individual ESA
action plans for effectively implementing the accreditation process. Each ESA will be invited to send up
to 5 individuals to this training with registration fees waived. This retreat will provide the initial training
and Readiness information for the entering cohort. The office will schedule one per year for the 10
ESA’s applying each year for the first 5 years of the proposal.
Assumptions in the Proposal
ESA Accreditation will remain voluntary in Michigan, however the MAISA Board has wide support for this
proposal and approximately 50 of the 55 ESA’s are supporting this proposal. It is also one of the current
goals for MAISA.
MAISA would develop the cycle of the ESA’s entering the accreditation process each year in
collaboration with the AdvancED Michigan office with a target of 10 per year over a 5 year period.
Budget estimates are based on current accreditation and review fees and could be subject to changes
over the course of the proposal. Due to varying numbers of schools under the jurisdiction of each ESA,
the estimates for numbers of schools added each year may vary based on the identified ESA’s in each
Review expenses are based on estimates of costs of reviews and will vary based upon travel and lodging
expenses for team member for each External Review.

Board Approved Accreditation Budget