“Learning through Excellence
Excellence through Learning”
Sherbourne Walk
Farnham Common
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Website: http://www.farnham-jun.bucks.sch.uk/
School Core Purpose
We consider that the core purpose of our school is to achieve excellence through a natural love of learning in a
happy, creative and respectful environment. Our staff encourage children to work hard, to behave
appropriately and to take pride and pleasure in their own achievements as well as those of others.
School Location and Site
Farnham Common is a Buckinghamshire village located three miles south of
Beaconsfield. The Natural Nature Reserve of Burnham Beeches is within walking
The Junior School lies tucked away at the end of Sherbourne Walk on the very
attractive Mount Farm executive housing development that was built in the late
1950s. Children who have reached their seventh birthday come to the school not
only from the official catchment area of Farnham Common and Hedgerley but
also from other nearby villages. Its principal feeder school is Farnham Common
Infant school. The school is regularly oversubscribed, currently having 237 pupils.
In addition to the usual facilities the main school building includes a dining room and modern kitchen, which
serves hot meals to pupils and staff, a large IT suite, and a well-equipped library. In recent years a detached
block has been built providing a suite for the performance arts and a technology area including a kitchen. Other
facilities include an outdoor classroom and a large sports field.
Teaching and Learning
The school has two form entry with eight classes in all. All teaching
members of staff work on general curriculum development, but the
basis of our organization is through subject leadership. Teachers and
teaching assistants in the year team work together to plan and teach
the curriculum. The role of classroom teaching assistants has been well
developed in supporting the teachers, by working with groups of pupils
in and out of the classroom and by teaching whole class lessons as
their experience develops. Dedicated staff also support SEN pupils.
The school teaches a broad based curriculum as laid down in the
Education Act with strong effective subject leaders. There is a very considerable focus on the use of
Information and Computer Technology across the curriculum. There is a well developed Homework policy,
agreed with parents, with much material being transferred electronically through the Virtual Learning
Farnham Common Junior School
Information Sheet
March 2013
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Extra-Curricular Activities
Thanks to whole staff involvement, the school provides an outstanding number of lunchtime and after school
activities including sporting, cultural, musical, academic and social. We take part in many inter-school
competitions, including Mini Enterprise.
The school has a long tradition of
sporting activity and achievement, with
an emphasis on the involvement of all the
children. Table tennis, football, netball
are played with great energy and a
highlight of the year is the annual school
run. The school does extremely well in
competitive sport at local, county and
national level.
Children are strongly encouraged to join in the extra curricular activities and they generally do this with
enormous enthusiasm. A reputation for sportsmanship and success has been developed over the years, often
reflected in celebration assemblies. We aim to sustain this level of commitment and achievement.
Our House competition has been recently revamped and children earn house points for good work and
desirable behaviour. Competition for House Cups is intense and often noisy.
Other valued features of the school are the annual Year 6 “Outward Bound” week at the River Dart and the
range of theatrical productions which bring pupils, staff and parents together in furious activity.
Our parents are very involved in their children’s education and have high expectations.
The school has a thriving Parent Teacher Association, which contributes greatly to the life and funds of the
school. Parents in general are extremely supportive of their children and involved in school activities. We are
extremely grateful to the many parents who help in the library, in the classrooms, on school trips and by
providing transport and support for sporting fixtures. Members of staff work hard to create active and positive
relationships with parents, in addition to more formal parents’ consultation evenings.
The children reflect their parents’ positive approach to education
and the school. They are enthusiastic and keen to attain the high
standards of work and behaviour expected. The children are
proud to wear school uniform with house colours.
The children achieve well in the end of year Key Stage 2 tests,
particularly at level 5 and above. In 2012 the percentage of
children achieving level 4 or above averaged 90% across Maths
and English. Achievement at level 5+ was 51% in English
including 2 pupils at level 6; achievement at level 5+ in Maths
was 47.5% including 6 pupils at Level 6.
In addition 56% of
pupils achieved Level 5+ in Science.
Detailed results can be seen at:
Each year our Year 6 children sit the secondary school selection exams (11+) to determine whether they
should attend grammar or upper schools. The school has an excellent track record in terms of the number of
children moving on to grammar schools.
About 12% of our pupils are on the Special Needs Register.
Pupils enjoy being involved in the running of their school. There is an active elected School Council which
meets regularly and is often very vocal. Pupils also spend time on charity activities.
Farnham Common Junior School
Information Sheet
March 2013
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Staff Development
Staff development is very important in the school. We have a process for mentoring Newly Qualified Teachers
which includes an afternoon’s release each week. NQTs are frequently encouraged to move on to another
school to gain experience after a few years. Staff members attend training courses in line with the needs of our
School Plan and in areas for development identified during their annual Performance Management reviews. The
school has a good track record in advancing teacher assistants through to full teacher status, and in recent
years several teachers have move on to Headships in other schools. Outside of formal development processes,
there is a strong mutually supportive rapport amongst the staff.
The Governing Body
The school benefits from a highly supportive Governing Body, with a full and stable membership giving freely of
their time and wide-ranging expertise. They are fully involved in the development of the School Plan and school
self evaluation process.
The school has been inspected by Ofsted on four occasions. It has twice been identified by Her Majesty’s
Inspector for Schools as an ‘Outstanding’ provider of education – in 1996 and in 2006. On the other two
occasions it was rated “Good with outstanding qualities”.
Our Community
Ours is a Community School and links to local organisations in Farnham Common and
surrounding villages are very important to us. We have strong connections with the
adjacent Sports Club, a local running club, our Parish Council, the local Rotary Club, the
Community Library and other active village groups. We aim to strengthen these links
and maintain the school as a focus for village activity.
The Post
Please see the attached Job Description and Person Specification for further information regarding the post.
We look forward to receiving applications from suitably qualified candidates accompanied by a supporting letter
focussing on the requirements outlined in the Person Specification.
March 2013
Farnham Common Junior School
Information Sheet
March 2013
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