Regional Campus Champions
31 October 2012
Kay, Lorna, Laura, Karen, Kate, Roger, Kim, Josh, Jack, Dirk, Susan (Probably
Kay created a working group mailing list. She sent two emails last night (1) the agenda,
(2) a test message. If you got the agenda but no test message, please contact Kay.
How far should a Regional Champion Reach?
Discussion: Kate and SC do go beyond state lines, but most others stay within the
state. Roger pointed out that staying within the state also helps with understanding
pertinent legislation and perhaps funding.
Conclusion: Within a state is the most logical boundary for planning support etc.
What should be the responsibilities of a Regional Champion?
Assist users at other institutions that don’t have a Champion.
Assist Champions at other institutions
Recruit Champion at other institutions
Provide regional outreach activities, training, assistance, etc
Market and promote XSEDE
All agree that a Champion should introduce users to local resources first, and move up
the ladder when they outgrow local.
In addition to recruiting the Champion, remember that you may be recruiting that
campus to use XSEDE
Kim suggested that we shouldn’t require 100% of these responsibilities. Be flexible to
not eliminate good prospects.
What infrastructure might be needed to assist Regional Champion?
Regional champions need a list of all Champions in their state/geographic areas
Need the infrastructure to provide support, some collaborative communication
framework, i.e. phone and screen share environment
Clemson: A hub is also useful if the remote user’s desktop is not set up to collaborate.
Also good for posting materials.
Email, web, hub, adobe connect etc, video conferencing tools
What could XSEDE provide that would be of assistance?
Some conferencing tools, training, outreach, materials
Travel funds
XSEDE mentor
Marketing materials, including success stories/ case studies
What additional support is needed for a regional champ that is not needed for a regular
Travel funds
Assigned XSEDE staff mentor
What are the major roadblocks to being a regional champion?
Need familiarity and contacts at local/regional schools
Local institutional support (time to work on it)
Need other funded activity this piggy backs on; support by default. Best to find people
that are already funded in some way for overlap activities?
Money, funding.
Documents needed?
Goals/objectives of a regional champ program
Duties of a regional champ
Support provided by XSEDE for a regional Champ
Do we need a new MOU? – Laura: Look at existing MOU after requirements are
Campus Champions for Dummies. Kim already has Champions 101 doc, maybe
rework for this purpose.
Requirements for being a regional champion?
Some kind of certification/competency.
Some kind of minimal level of knowledge
Some minimal time as a champion
Some kind of written support from the champ's institution
Minimum level of commitment in time, con calls, and annual conference
Home institution commitments to a certain level of time and commitment
To Do:
Next meeting: Dec 12 at 10 am Eastern
Can you help draft documents? Email Kay

Regional Campus Champions 31 October 2012 Kay, Lorna, Laura