Maestra: Julie Freedman
Hendrickson High School
AP Spanish Language 2015-16
Course Overview:
Level 4 AP Spanish Language follows the sequence of Spanish courses that build on one
another to develop student proficiency across all of the communicative skills both the receptive
and the productive skills. Level four is taught completely in Spanish using current state adopted
textbooks and authentic language materials from print, aural and technology based resources.
There is continued emphasis on the communicative modes; interpersonal, interpretive and
presentational along with adherence to the five Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The
course is intended to challenge students to further develop their command of the language
through participation in classroom discussions, extensive and intensive reading and writing.
Students are given opportunities to strengthen their listening comprehension capabilities by
listening to professional media presentations as well as narratives of various lengths and
degrees of difficulty.
Course Objectives:
Students will be able to
speak Spanish exclusively in class for formal instructional purposes and for formal and
informal conversation, discussion, and presentations
understand both formal and informal Spanish of educated native speakers by listening to
a variety of aural presentations from mixed media
extend and enhance their vocabulary through extensive reading of short stories, human
interest articles and current events
use internet resources to select articles of high interest in Spanish
identify the various aspects of a passage read; theme, tone, symbolism, inference,
purpose, point of view, prediction
summarize materials read by using enriched vocabulary both orally and in writing
demonstrate control of idiomatic and cultural expressions learned by incorporating them
in daily speech and in writing
demonstrate control of grammatical structures and syntax through intensive writing of
prose, narratives, expository essays and reports
critique articles from Spanish language periodicals both orally and in writing
express and elaborate ideas and opinions through discussions of open-ended topics,
making comparisons and contrasts of narratives or other media presentations
compare and contrast cultures of the Spanish speaking countries by conducting
research, writing reports, giving presentations and leading discussions
utilize technology for research, for additional language practice and to create
presentations in Spanish
document and report on use of Spanish outside of the classroom within the community