Date: February 24, 2015
Project: CE447
Comments for improving the IPC Internet Publication and other tools
1.- Alternative mode for input classification symbols in the web page of IPC schema
When a user uses the IPC schema, many symbols may be typed looking for its meaning. Actually
the web page only lets the input of data by keyboard and mouse. We suggest adding a control in
the webpage that assist the user and make it easy to input the IPC symbols. It´s also needed a
command button that makes appear or disappear the alternative input control. The control can be
as the followings:
It shows the hierarchical level at
A.- First Option
the moment: Section, Class, 1
Example, the squares displayed
dot, 3 dots, etc.
depend on the real number of
Example, it shows the
actual IPC symbol
Until this button is
pressed, the web page is
loaded with the symbol
selected (go to) it needs
a click to add to the
“current symbol” textbox
control and here
B. Second Option
When the mouse
cursor is over “<<” it
scrolls all the
elements and shows
the next element,
when it exists.
When the mouse cursor
is over “>>” it scrolls to
the previous element,
when it exists.
For IPC, it is red, but
It could change to
blue to show CPC and
to Yellow to show FI
In the example the mouse cursor is over
“D”, it needs the click to add the selection
to the “current symbol” textbox control
and here.
C.- Third Option
Step 1. When the “Current symbol” textbox
control is empty, the virtual keyboard control
shows some letters from section A to H
It loads the IPC web page of the “Current symbol”
Step2. When there is one letter and less
than four characters in the “Current
symbol” textbox control, the “keys” change
and it displays numbers: 0 to 9 and “/”.
Step3. When there are three characters, in the
“Current symbol” textbox control, the keys of the
virtual keyboard, change and it displays the
complete alphabet, like a fix telephone keyboard.
Per example: to select “H”, it´s
needed to press the key two times.
In the “Current symbol” textbox we
see D02G, D02H, etc.
Then we press “Select Letter” the
letter and a blank space is set.
(“D02H “) Then the keyboard can
change again to the numeric form.
Step 4. When there are five characters in
the “Current symbol” textbox control, the
“keys” change again and it displays
numbers: 0 to 9 and “/”.
2.- Alternative mode of hierarchical level visualization (one dot, two dots, etc.)
Some IPC symbols have many dots and it´s difficult to count them. Sometimes is a little difficult to
find the previous node (father node), and it matters because the scope depends of the previous
levels. We believe that the IPC schema is complex enough to add one more difficulty trying to read
A. First option
The proposal is a treeview visualization instead of the actual based on dots. We know that the
CPC schema has one similar tool, so we believe that the IPC also deserves it.
Another example:
Here, the symbols are displayed in a tree-view visualization. The blue highlight is not an intended
change in the visualization proposal; it was generated by the program used to create this example.
B. Second option
The color of the IPC scheme titles dynamically changes when the user moves its mouse over the
title. We suggest this colors as an example.
RED- symbol under the mouse cursor.
1 Dot- Green
2 Dots ---blue
Same level symbols- --orange (in this case, there are 3, but not together)
4- Dots --- pink
Same level symbols- --orange (in this case, there are 2 together)
3. Concentrating on a single window the information displayed in several windows.
When the user is looking the IPC schema and then he wants to see a definition, immediately
appears a second window over the first one. So the user has to switch between windows. We
know that the user can arrange the windows by himself, but this is not the idea; we think that the
user wants to read the complex technical information of the IPC schema and its Definition instead
of losing time arranging several windows each time he uses the schema.
We know that many patent experts spend a lot of time doing the definitions, and this is an
important tool that explains the Schema, so we believe that is needed to display the schema and
the respective definition at the same time at the same window when the user requires it. Maybe
the schema can be in a frame in the upper side of the window and the definition in a frame in the
lower part. A command button is needed that lets see the definition frame or disappear it. The
user might be able to change the height of the frames.
Pablo Zenteno Márquez.

Example, it shows the actual IPC symbol selected