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Inter-Personal Communication
SGT Newcomb
References: Battalion and Company SOP
• Conduct training on IPC Skills.
• Given a group of Military
Police Soldiers, a Classroom
Environment, and Note-Taking
• All Military Police present will
understand the importance
and multiple uses of IPC Skills.
What Are IPC Skills???
• Way you Present Yourself.
• Conduct on the Road.
• Professionalism.
Use of IPC Skills
• Control Situation
– Calm Subjects Down
– Gather Useful Information
– Build and Utilize
• Aggravate Situation
– Entice Subjects
– Unprofessional
Situational Exercise
• You and your partner are on
patrol when you see two
vehicles pulled over in a
parking lot with two male
occupants standing outside of
the vehicles. The subjects
appear to be arguing.
Situational Exercise
• You and your partner respond to a
physical domestic call in North Fort.
When you arrive the front door is
open. There is a male sitting on the
doorstep and a female in the house
still yelling at the male. The house is
in disorder and there is a hole in the
wall in the living room. The male is
calm and quiet while the female is
extremely agitated.
• Questions???