Agromet Advisory Bulletin for the State of Punjab
Bulletin No.86/2014
issued on Friday
31.10.2014 To 03.11.2014
Part A: Realized and forecast weather
Summary of past weather over the State during (28th to 30th October):
Rainfall occurred at isolated places on 28th and 29th . Weather remained mainly dry during the rest
Maximum temperatures were between 28-30OC which were near normal. Minimum temperatures were
between 15-17OC which were 1-2OC above normal.
Chief amounts of rainfall in cms: 29th – Phangota 1.
Highest Maximum Temperature: 31.0OC, 28.0OC and 31.6OC at Patiala on 28th , 29th and 30th
October respectively.
State forecast valid until 0830 hrs. of 04.11.2014: Weather would be mainly dry. Increase in
minimum temperature.
Outlook for subsequent two days: No significant change.
Part B
Crop information and AgrometAdvisories
Stages of the major kharif/rabicrops
(Crop stages and state as collected from AMFUs and State Department of Agriculture, Punjab)
Name of crop
Kharif Pulses
Grand growth
Planting/Small fruits
Seed sowing
Crop Advisories and Plant Protection:
Rice: As weather is expected to be dry in coming days, farmers can complete harvesting of the crop.
After harvesting, don’t burn paddy straw as it leads to environmental pollution as well as health hazards
besides destroying valuable nutrients, flora & fauna etc.
 Sugarcane: Apply 65 kg urea per acre at the time of planting. Phosphorus and potash should be applied on
soil test basis.
Animal Husbandry: Prefer feeding during cool part of the day especially early morning and late
evening. Feed well chaffed green fodder mixed with wheat straw. Use balanced and economical rations
for milk production. Vaccinate the animal during cooler hours of the day.Use colostrum feeding to
young-one in early period of calving. Get the pregnancy diagnosis well in time after conception.
Poultry: For the poultry birds the ration should contain 15-20 % more protein, minerals and vitamins.
Keep sufficient cold water available for the birds. Be careful about the health of the birds. Immediately
consult the expert in case of sickness of the birds. Control the flies in the shed especially in cage house.
Fruits: The newly planted young fruit plants being tender, need lot of care and attention for their survival
and growth, should be watered at frequent intervals. Remove all the sprouts on rootstock which have grown
below the bud union. Spray ber trees with 0.25 % wettable sulphur (250 g in 100 litres of water) or 0.05 %
karathane 40 EC (50-80ml in 100 litres of water) or Bayleton for the control of powdery mildew. To
control citrus canker, spray the crop with 50 g of Streptocycline + 25 gm of Copper sulphate + 500 litres of
water during this month.
Vegetables: Start sowing nursery of Rabi onion using 4-5kg seed of recommended varieties in 8 marla
(200sq.m) area to grow seedlings for an acre. Prepare the field for sowing potato crop. This is the right time
for transplanting of main season varieties of cauliflower and cabbage. Start sowing of Punjab Pasand and
Japanese White of radish, L-1 of turnip and Pb. Black Beauty and PC-34 of Carrot.
Start sowing nursery of main season crop of tomato using 100 g seed of the recommended varieties in one
marla (25 m2) bed area to grow seedlings for an acre.
Cotton: Due to dry weather prediction for next 4-5 days, farmers can go for picking of the crop. The
picking should be done only after the full sunshine and kept in moisture free room/space to retain quality.
Oilseeds: This is the optimum period for sowing raya and gobhi sarson. Gobhi sarson (GSC-5, GSL-1,
GSL-2, PGSH-51, Hyola (PAC-401) should be sown upto end of October. African sarson PC-5 can also
be sown during this month.
Maize: Farmers are advised to maintain adequate water supply particularly at tasseling and silking stages.
Stress at these stages causes considerable losses in yield.
Bajra: In area where sowing cannot be done due to deficit rainfall, farmers are advised to sow the fodder
crop of bajra & using PHB-1, PCB 164 and FBC 16 varieties for fodder crop.
Fodder: Right time for sowing of barseem.

Agro Advisory Bulletin for the state of Maharashtra