Curriculum and Instruction Department Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 11, 2012, Winther 1013
Present: Tammy Bartholomew, Robin Fox, Lucy Heimer, Liesl Hohenshell, Edric Johnson, Susie Kidd, Vince Lia,
Katrina Liu, Julie Marino, Rick Mason, Julie Minikel-Lacocque, Andi O’Brien, Carmen Rivers, Ann Ruff, Melanie
Schneider, Pat Shaw, Wallace Sherlock, Annie Stinson, Matt Vick, John Zbikowski Absent: Deb Bowditch,
Michelle Gibson-Herman, James Hartwick(Sabbatical), Kristen Monday, Ginny Pease, Nancy Stevens.
The meeting was called to order at 2:07 by Department Chair Robin Fox
1. Action Items
a. Approval of March 18, 2012 minutes
John motioned to approve the minutes as corrected, Vince seconded, unanimously approved.
2. Discussion/Activity
a. Drama in Education discussion (Edric to lead this discussion)
Edric presented a proposal to offer Drama in Education (CIGENRL 479/679) as an appropriate
substitute for ELEMMID/MUSED 323. After discussion Melanie motioned to approve the proposed
substitution, Annie seconded, 18 aye, 0 nay, 1 abstention, motion passed
b. Annual Report (due May 1st to Katy) – handout distributed and faculty asked to email or turn in
written responses
c. Updates from meeting with Katy
1. Rowand Robinson will serve as Chair of Special Education beginning Summer 2012
2. Teacher performance assessment – Dean is willing to meet with our department for discussion
but there is no final information as of yet
3. Dine and Design on hold – Robin is working on a proposal to compensate participants willing to
work on the Re-Design pilot this summer – anyone interested, contact Robin
3. Announcements/Updates –
a. Committee Reports
1) Curriculum & Scheduling (Matt) – no report
2) Personnel & Policy/PERC (Melanie) – will have a report to share
Continuing discussion on Guidelines and procedures for peer observation. Piloting UW-EC
form – will share updates at May department meeting
3) Assessment (Edric)
Gathering student information on LEAP; committee attempting to evaluate their goals
4) MSEPD Council (John/Rick) – Higher Ed emphasis curricular proposal passed and is online
5) Portfolio (Katrina) – no report
6) Program Coordinators (Wallace) – will meet on Wednesday, May 2 from 2:00-3:30 in
7) Reading/Literacy (Andi) –
Committee addressing recent legislation that will require mandatory testing. Committee
feels test is a good test; but department will need to be pro-active in preparing specific
curriculum proposals
8) Technology/Website Committee (Michelle Gibson-Herman) – no report
9) Search & Screen Committees/chairs
i) Art Education – Edric
(1) Process complete – hiring paperwork for Kristin Goble has been forwarded and
candidate has accepted via email
ii) Reading/Literacy – Ann
(1) Process complete-hiring paperwork has been forwarded for Candace Head-Dylla
and candidate has accepted via email
iii) Math – Carmen
(1) Brought two candidates to campus for interviews – the committee met this
morning and forwarded their recommendation.
b. Announcements
i) Annie – Whitewater Dream Fund May Day – Tuesday, May 1 – 11:30-1:30, WH3013
ii) Melanie – Project SWEETT sponsoring Attorney Joe Rivas, Friday May 4, 11:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m. UC69 – Immigration discussion
iii) Katrina – Global Ed in the Classroom – Thursday, April 19, 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
WH2001 – Speakers include Lynn Zetzman, Appleton Xavier Art Teacher
Janel Anderson, Social Studies teacher from Lodi High School
Eric Runez, Whitewater School District Superintendent
Richard Miller, Associate Director, Center for East Asian Studies, UW-Madison
Melanie Agnew, Assistant Dean, COEPS
and WSD Superintendent Eric Runez, guest speaker
c. Reminder about Distance Fee Monies:
ii. 75% of class must be online – will begin in fall 2012
d. Other Reminders
a. Portfolios deadlines for Spring 2012
i. Phase 3 and 4 portfolios due May 1st to the C & I Office
ii. Phase 3 and 4 scores are due by May 17th (to Julie)
b. Upcoming Audit and Review report: Elementary Education
Email or turn in documents to Julie
c. Dine and Design – first Wednesday of the month from 11:30-1:00 in UC 69
Materials Distributed:
 Minutes from March meeting (emailed), Annual Report Directions, COEPS Strategic Priorities
For Next Meeting:
 Response to recent legislation Article about New Legislation
 Sharing of High Impact Practices in coursework or in the field
Edric motioned to adjourn, Vince seconded, meeting adjourned at 3:29 p.m.
Julie Marino
Minutes respectfully submitted by Julie Marino
April 11, 2012