Advanced Surface Technology
One Stop Consultancy Service
HKPC provides a turnkey solution on ion plating manufacturing
technology to serve local industries. Since the launching of this service,
numbers of local manufacturers have benefited from our services and are
already in production.
1. Ion Plating Technology
Ion Plating is a physical vapour deposition (PVD) process involving
coating deposition under vacuum. This high value added technology can
be used for both decorative and functional applications.
Ion Plating Equipment and Process Development
 Pollution free coating process
 Excellent coating wear and abrasion resistance
 Super coating hardness, greater than 2000
Excellent coating corrosion resistance
Wide range of coatings available with different colours like TiN, DLC
Decorative Coatings
 Watch and clock components
 Jewellery
 Garment accessories like belt buckle
 Kitchen and bathroom accessories
 Houseware
Electrical appliance
Toys and premium
Automotive parts
Functional Coatings
 Moulds, die and punches
 Machining tools
 Engineering components
Pins and inserts
Blades and knives
Electronic components
Medical device and sensors
2. Vacuum & Plasma Process
The technology for waterless surface finishing process which provides
means for cleaner production and environmental control.
Application technology
 Plasma cleaning
Plasma treatment
Plasma assisted coating
Cryogenic treatment
Plasma Treatment
 Plastic
 Silicon rubber
 Fiber and textile
Surface activation and etching
Cryogenic Treatment
Effects of the steel microstructure
 Transform austenite into martensite
 Internal stresses relief
 Uniformly precipitate fine carbide particles
 More homogeneous microstructure
 Reduction of micro-voids
 Wear resistance
 Fatigue strength
 Low coefficient of friction
 Machining, grinding and polishing finish
3. Surface Finishing & Electroplating
Application technology
 Materials cleaning and passivation
 Electroplating
 Organic coating
 Functional and hard coating
4. Advanced Technology Development
Sol Gel Coating
Sol-gel is a process for making glass/ceramic or hybrid materials from a
colloidal suspension of silica particles which gelled to form a solid
coating. This process provides a simple, economic and environmental
friendly method to produce high quality coatings.
Antimicrobial Coating
 Metal based antimicrobial coating to inhibit growth of bacteria
 Antibacterial composite films suitable for surfaces of metals and
Flexible colour adjustment
Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Coating
 Develop local based technology in DLC tribological coating
 DLC coating with enhanced wear resistance and low friction
coefficient for tooling and automotive industry
 Focus on the new development of DLC coating equipment and
High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering Technology for Thick Coating
 Thick coating (>4 micron) preparation
 Precisely and versatilely adjust color through pulse waveform
 Improve the coating density and homogeneity
 Applications: watch and clock, auto parts, tooling, molding etc.
5. Awards
2002 - Magnetron sputtering ion plating equipment
2008 - Low temperature ion plating equipment
2009 - High precision automatic ball cratering instrument
2009 - New development on close-looped cryogenic treatment
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