Mrs. Krueger -United States History -Grade 11
Required for Graduation
1/2 credit
1 Term Course
Course Description:
This course examines historical events from WWII-present. During the course of study,
students will discover America’s role as a superpower within the world and how America
developed into the nation we are today. Students will be analyzing, evaluating, and
applying their comprehension and new found knowledge of America in such concepts
and topics as Cold War, Korean Conflict, the 1950’s, Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement,
1960’s, 1970’s, Watergate, Reagan and the 80’s, and concluding with Clinton
administration to the present. Through these concepts, student will be able to synthesize
how America developed into a mass power and overcame troubles lying underneath the
Textbook: The American Journey
Student Responsibilities:
Students are responsible for following school policies (See handbook) and Social
Contract (See handout)
Grading Scale: See school planner
Grade Checks:
Grade checks will be made for any student earning a grade of D or lower per scheduled grade
checks. Grade checks will occur every three weeks. Power school will also be available to
monitor progression of grades. Calls home will be made to notify parents/guardians of students’
progress. Students will also be given the opportunity to stay after school for extra help or to come
in early before school starts.
Students will earn their grades through the following avenues:
1. Historical Essays/ Paper (Research and Historical Inquiry)
2. Unit Projects (Individual and Group and Partner)
3. Assessments ( Written Reflections, Quizzes, Tests, and Final Exam)
Assignments and Daily Work
Daily work assignments will be placed on the front board daily as well will be located on the
following web site:
Click on High School
Click on Staff Directory
Search Krueger
US History II is the title of the class
History Assignments are to be as follows:
A) Historical Analysis Paper: MLA format and citation, Parenthetical referencing is
required, Times New Roman 12 font, doubled spaced.
B) Essays: Audience grabber for an introduction, thesis statement is clearly identified,
evidence clearly demonstrated, and analysis is used to justify responses. Although no
length requirement will be given, students are encouraged and strongly suggested that the
essay is to show the demonstration of their learning. MLA format is required of all
essays. All essays in class are worth 30 points.
C) Projects: Organized, creative/outside box ideas, historically accurate, MLA citation is
used for all items gathered in research, summarized, student clearly demonstrates ability
to share information from research through various formats of presentations. Student
shows ability to work collaboratively within a group and understands how to problemsolve to solutions. Projects are usually worth 100 points.
D) Assessments: Will be developed to have the student use historical thinking and
evaluating skills to demonstrate learning. On assessments, responses are to be detailed
and evaluated on the content provided by the student. Assessments will vary in value.
Study Methods:
Students will learn about different methods and techniques they can use when studying and
preparing for a test, quiz, or taking notes. Students will also have the opportunity to use what the
methods they learned in other classes.
Will be given at various times throughout the term. Students for major unit tests will be notified 2
days prior. Quizzes will be announced 1 day prior.
Course Outline of Units and Topics
Chapter 27 and 28: Greatest Generation and Cold War
Chapter 30 and 31: Vietnam and 1960s (Politics/Social/Economy/Culture)
Chapter 29: Civil Rights Movement
Chapters 31-31:
1970s: The Narcissistic Generation/Nixon/Watergate/Ford/Carter
1980’s: The Materialistic Generation/Reagan/Bush
1990’s-2000’s: The Techno/Millennium Generation/Clinton/Bush/Obama

Syllabus - School District of Mishicot