Methods of Concluding an Essay

Methods of Concluding an Essay
(You can use any of the methods of introduction to begin your concluding paragraph,
but remember to finish strong by using one of the following techniques!)
 Give a vision of the future.
 (This is a useful method for persuasive essays, explanatory/informative essays,
and creative writing.)
 Tell what you learned, or what the character in the literature learned, or what
can be learned by people in general. (Or tell what has failed to be learned.)
 (Use this method for analyzing characters in literature, or for personal
 Recommend an action to be taken, or an idea to be accepted.
 (This is a useful method for persuasive essays.)
Summarize the main points:
 Go over, or review, summarize, or paraphrase the main points.
 (Use this method for longer works, like research papers because after
reading 10 or 15 pages, the reader needs to be reminded.)