Looking Glass Farm
2014 Breeding Service Contract
Looking Glass Farm/Alexia Heney owns the stallion Hesa Special Hotrod, APHA registration No. 977,324, and the
mare owner wishes to breed the mare: ____________________, Breed: __________, and Registration No. __________,
herein after referred to as “Mare” to Hesa Special Hotrod, and NOW THEREFORE, it is mutually understood and
agreed by LGF and Mare Owner as follows:
Breeding Fee: Once a signed agreement has been returned, LGF reserves for Mare Owner a breeding service
for Mare during the 2014 breeding season, (2/1/14 through 6/30/14) to Hesa Special Hotrod for one (1)
resulting foal. This contract is for a stallion service fee of $600.00 for Hesa Special Hotrod. Mare Owner
agrees to pay all costs associated with the breeding and care of Mare and/or shipment of semen.
Payment: Mare Owner agrees and understands that payment must be received and all personal checks must be
cleared before first shipment of semen. The greater on an interest rate of 18% APR or a $20 monthly fee will
be charged to all accounts that are past due by thirty days. A returned check fee of $25.00 will be assessed for
all returned checks. Guaranteed funds are recommended for faster service during breeding season.
Substitutions: Mare may not be substituted for any other mare without prior written consent of LGF.
Substitutions may incur an additional booking fee of $250.00.
Stallion: In the event of the death of Hesa Special Hotrod, this contract will be null and void. If Mare was not
bred before the death of Hesa Special Hotrod, Mare owner will be given a refund equal to the breeding fee less
the booking fee and all shipping fees.
Transported Cooled Semen:
a. Requirements: LGF and the Mare Owner must accept this contract. Mare Owner must pre-pay all
fees. Mare Owner must provide a two-sided CURRENT copy of the Mare’s registration certificate
proving ownership, (or current lease, certified by the appropriate registry, proving control of Mare
through 2014 foaling season) BEFORE SEMEN IS SHIPPED. Mare Owner or an authorized
designee must request semen before 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time the day before the semen is to be
shipped. Semen will be made available on a first call – first served basis.
b. Notification of Pregnancy: Mare Owner is required to notify LGF if mare is “in foal” or “not in foal”
within 20 days of insemination.
c. Schedule: Collection days are Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the breeding season. Only in
an emergency effort will the stallion be collected at any other time. This will be at the discretion of
d. Charges: A chute/collection fee of $185 and shipping fee of *$actual cost to destination* will be
charged to each mare owner for any/all collections/shipments.
e. Risk of Loss: LGF is not responsible for semen shipping container. Mare Owner is solely
responsible for the risk of loss of usability or death of Mare. LGF is not responsible for the insurance
of Mare and assumes no liability. If Mare does not conceive, LGF shall be held harmless.
Additionally, Mare Owner understands and is aware of the unavoidable risks inherent with all horserelated activities, included but not limited to the semen, insemination and other breeding efforts
resulting from this Agreement. Mare Owner shall seek compensation for loss from his/her insurance
agent only and agrees to hold harmless LGF, it’s employees, agents, veterinarians and all family
members of individuals described above.
Breeding Service: Mares checked “not in foal” must be serviced during the 2014 breeding season unless other
arrangements have been made and documented in writing. Should a breeding be carried into the following
year, a $250.00 rebreed fee plus 2015 fees for transported cooled semen shipments, veterinary charges, and any
other related charges will be charged for service in the 2015 season.
Mare Care: Should Mare Owner elect to bring Mare to LGF facility to be bred, Mare Owner will be
responsible for all fees associated with breeding. Boarding cost for the duration of Mare’s stay are $12 per day
without a foal, $15 for mares with a foal by their side.
Live Foal Guarantee: LGF will provide a return breeding to Hesa Special Hotrod in the 2015 breeding
season should a live foal not result from this mating. A live foal is defined as a foal that has stood and nursed
from a mare or fed by hand for a period of twenty-four (24) hours. Should a live foal not result from this
mating, LGF must receive a sworn statement by a veterinarian reflecting the loss of the foal within 14 days of
the loss of the foal or from the date Mare is checked “not in foal”. Said veterinarian must also certify the
following for a return breeding in 2015:
a. Mare was checked “in foal” by a licensed veterinarian as a result of a 2014 breeding
b. Mare was administered appropriate Rhinopneumonitis vaccination consistent with drug manufacturers
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2014 Breeding Service Contract for Mare: ________________________
Looking Glass Farm
2014 Breeding Service Contract
The foal was not a “live foal” as defined above, and that the death of the foal and/or Mare was not a
result of negligence
d. A fee equivalent to the 2014 booking fee plus 2015 fees for transported cooled semen shipments,
and any other related charges will be charged for service in the 2015 season.
Colored Foal Guarantee: The foal resulting from this mating will be a Colored Foal (defined as a horse
with markings that are sufficient to be registered within the regular registry of the APHA). Guarantee follows:
a. If a resulting foal has insufficient white to be registered in the regular registry of the APHA, LGF
guarantees return breeding the following season (2015) only.
b. Mare Owner must provide LGF with standard photographs showing all areas of the foal.
Photographic negatives may be required at the request of LGF. Should the foal ever be granted
regular registration with the APHA, regardless of ownership of Mare or foal, Mare Owner will pay
LGF the balance of the 2015 breeding t fee due immediately upon registration of the foal if a rebreed
did occur.
c. A fee of $250.00 plus 2015 fees for all transported cooled semen shipments, board, veterinary
charges, and any other related charges must be pre-paid for service in the 2015 season.
d. This guarantee is applicable for all registered with the American Paint Horse Association, the
American Quarter Horse Association, Pinto Horse Association of America, and the Jockey Club.
Color Guarantee is void for all other breed registries.
Re-Breed Qualifications: If Mare is bred by any stallion other than Hesa Special Hotrod, all return breeding
privileges are forfeited.
Breeder’s Certificate: A breeding certificate will be furnished to Mare Owner by LGF upon notification of
the birth of a live foal conceived by this service if and only if all charges incurred by Mare Owner have been
paid in full. No certificate will be issued until any unpaid charges, including and service charges for past-due
balances, are paid in full which include but are not limited to the breeding fee, and transported cooled semen
shipment fees.
Assignment: This agreement may not be sold, bartered or transferred in any way. Mare and Mare Owner are
to be sole recipient of services.
Semen Shipment Authorization: The following individuals may request semen shipment from LGF for
Mare. Only the persons described immediately below may request a semen shipment.
Mare Owner
14. Shipment and Billing Address: Please provide the following shipment information.
Shipment Recipient Name:
Address (not a PO box):
Billing Name:
15. Governing Law: This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties and is not assignable by
Mare Owner without written permission of Stallion Owner/Farm. No other agreements, promises, or
representations, verbal or implied, are included herein unless specifically stated in this written agreement. This
contract is made and entered into in Shiawassee County in the State of Michigan, and shall be enforced and
interpreted in accordance with the laws of said state. In the event one or more parts of this contract are found
to be unenforceable or illegal, the other portions hereof shall be deemed in full force and effect.
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2014 Breeding Service Contract for Mare: ________________________
Looking Glass Farm
2014 Breeding Service Contract
The parties hereto have accepted, agreed and executed this Agreement as of ____________________ (date) in the
County of Shiawassee, State of Michigan.
Looking Glass Farm:
Mare Owner:
(Print Mare Owner’s name AS SHOWN ON
Alexia N. Heney
7370 S. Morrice Rd.
Morrice, MI 48857
(517) 749-0649
Signature of Mare Owner (If minor,
Signature of Parent or Guardian)
Day Telephone Number
Evening Telephone Number
Cell Phone Number
Email address
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2014 Breeding Service Contract for Mare: ________________________

Looking Glass Farm/Alexia Heney owns the stallion Hesa Special