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Subject: Request for Support to Participate in Chapter Adviser Summit
Please support my request for financial assistance to attend the FCCLA Chapter Adviser Summit, a
professional development conference hosted October 30 – November 01, 2015 at FCCLA National
Headquarters in Reston, Virginia. The FCCLA Chapter Adviser Summit is a conference designed for new
and seasoned Family and Consumer Sciences Education instructors looking to excel in the classroom and
in FCCLA. The event offers a comprehensive educational experience to enhance classroom instruction
through engaging sessions on a variety topics with expert speakers, best practices sessions and
networking opportunities. Facilitated by national FCCLA, conference sessions will be presented by subjectmatter experts, current on educational trends and needs with a variety of backgrounds in
communications and marketing, education, and business.
The content and insight received while attending the FCCLA Chapter Adviser Summit will help me to gain
key strategies and tools to perform my job more effectively and impact student performance. The
widened professional network gained through attendance is an unparalleled collaborative tool to enhance
my performance in the classroom and student connections to improved outcomes. The knowledge and
skills I will acquire from professional development will be applicable to current projects such as: [INSERT
current projects unique to your institution, mission, and objectives]
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit will be offered and awarded to participants completing all
professional learning activities. The CEU credit can be applied to my professional development
The cost of registration is $65.00 and includes professional development sessions, session materials,
networking opportunities over the three days of conference offerings, one dinner, one lunch, and
morning and afternoon snacks. The following is an estimate of additional conference costs: hotel lodging:
$99 per night at the Embassy Suites Dulles Airport (breakfast provided), airfare or mileage: [INSERT Dollar
Amount], ground transportation or parking: [INSERT Dollar Amount].
Workshop topics, session format, and the tentative meeting agenda are described in the attached
Thank you for considering supporting my attendance at this important professional development
conference. Please let me know of additional information needed to provide financial assistance for this
professional development activity.
FCCLA Chapter Adviser Summit Flyer
FCCLA Chapter Adviser Summit Tentative Agenda