Sites Services Solutions

Available Sites Services Solutions
Organizations can use Sites Services for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP to easily build
websites that extend their business processes to the Internet and integrate smoothly
with Microsoft Dynamics AX, often with little need for IT support.
Microsoft Dynamics AX includes four Sites Services solutions that can streamline and speed business
Online case request – Customer support representatives can accept feedback and questions by using
case management in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the online case request Sites Services solution.
Human resources recruitment – Human resources staff can display ads for job openings online and
receive applications from candidates by using recruitment in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the human
resources recruitment Sites Services solution.
Request for quotation – A purchasing agent can post purchasing needs online and vendors can
review them and respond with quotations by using procurement and sourcing in Microsoft Dynamics
AX and the request for quotation Sites Services solution.
Unsolicited vendor registration – The purchasing department can accept unsolicited vendor
registrations by using procurement and sourcing in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the unsolicited
vendor registration Sites Services solution.
You can also create your own Internet-based solutions. Following are some examples:
Marketing – Create a marketing campaign that collects and tracks sales leads.
Product registration – Provide a convenient site for customers for product registration.
Purchase orders and invoices – Publish purchase orders and invoices for vendors to review.
Before you can use Sites Services, you need to sign up for an account. In many organizations, the IT
department or a partner sets up, customizes, and maintains Sites Services. Once the Sites Services account
is set up, you can start activating and using the Sites Services solutions.
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