What have the rabbits been
Up to in the first half term?
What a brilliant start to the school
the practical elements of the topic and I know that the
year! All the year 6 children have
children are going to enjoy showing them off when you
come in for parents’ evening in a few weeks. The
really been ‘Aiming High’ and have
had really super attitudes to their
learning – thank you and well done!
masks we have made are looking great and the artwork
completed on the emotions found in the book is very
Autumn craft with the Year 2 children.
Thank you to everyone who has worked with their
Autumn craft morning was a roaring success! The
children at home on their homework, particularly the
Rabbits planned and executed a really exciting morning
for all of the Year 2 children, who seemed to thoroughly
work based on our Space topic in Science. The quality
of the work produced has been fantastic and we’ve
enjoy themselves. Our children were kind, courteous
and helpful throughout the morning and all the infants
been able to display this wonderful work for other
children to look at as examples of outstanding work!
were able to take home a completed book hedgehog as
a memento of the morning.
Our topic.
We are just putting the finishing touches to our art and
Design Technology work based on the book The Pig
Heart Boy. We have really enjoyed both the story and
Don’t forget to sign up to Class Dojo! Let me know if you need
a new code.
What’s coming up next for
the rabbits?
Manor Adventure.
I know that all the children from Rabbits that are going
to Manor Adventure are both looking forward to it and
In numeracy, our focus this term will be on division
are also going to have a great time. The centre and its
staff are fantastic and this will be a great opportunity
methods; fractions, decimals and percentages;
measuring (with a focus on area and perimeter) and
for all the children to try new things, with both friends
and children they might not have worked with before.
geometry. Every lesson we have a 10 minute focus
on mental maths strategies.
For those children not going on Friday, we have a
super project day planned for you all!
In Computing, our Topic is ‘We are bloggers’. We will
be finding out what makes a good blog and writing a
World War II.
In Topic, our focus is World War Two. In particular,
blog post of our own!
In Science, our Topic is ‘All Living Things. We will be
we will be investigating how a character like Adolf
Hitler could convince a nation like Germany to follow
looking at how all plants and animals are classified
under headings.
him. This will involve drama, speaking and listening,
In PE, we will be focusing on a range of Invasion
research and a variety of written tasks. Any WW2
resources you have would be gratefully received!
Games and in particular basketball.
Our homework this term is centred around this theme
Please could you remind your child to mark in their
and includes a variety of activities on a choices menu
again. I can’t wait to see what the children come up
diary when they have read? I know they do read at
home and many read independently. However,
sometimes, they are forgetting to record when they
Our other subjects.
have read. Each Friday I check to see if they have
read AT LEAST THREE TIMES a week. This must be
To link with our Topic, in Literacy lessons we are
looking at features of newspaper reports, with a view
recorded for them to receive a raffle ticket for the
weekly raffle.
to writing our own report about a WW2 event. Later in
the term we will also be looking at balanced
Thank you for your continuing support,
arguments, linked into the WW2 theme. For our
fiction topic, there will be a short poetry workshop.
Mrs Clarke and the Year 6 team.

Rabbits newsletter Nov 2015