Ecology Do Nows


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1.8 Hectares


TED Talks- Sustainability in LA

2. How many different species are there on earth?

10 Million!

3. What is the percentage of land that is usable on earth (considering most of earth is water) and what is the percentage of this amount of land that has been converted for agriculture?

Only 16% of land is USABLE

50% has been converted for agriculture

4. What are some simple ways that YOU can lead a more sustainable life here in New


1. Be less wasteful- REUSE over recycle

2. Garden, use compost

3. By used goods

4. Change your eating habitats

5. Don’t be careless with energy

6. Buy local/US goods

5. What are some components of a completely sustainable farm? Is it possible to have something like this in New Jersey?

Duke Farm


1. Climate- temperature and precipitation

2. Adapted Plants and Animals


2 5







Rabbits in


Boas in Everglades

Eats leafy material or grass and has four stomachs- EX: deer, cows

Eats woody material EX: rabbits and rodents

Has a gizzard for eating seeds EX: turkeys and chickens


Has thinner leaves on top and wider on bottom to obtain equal amounts of sunlight

Extends roots horizontally to obtain more water

Holds water and secretes a toxin to small animals

Curls its leaves inward to avoid to much sun exposure

Has a long and sticky proboscis for obtaining pollen

Has baleen to filter feed on plankton and krill

Has cone shaped teeth for eating flesh

Has four stomachs to digest lots of grass

Will eat its feces for extra nutrients and minerals

Filter feeds through its beak, while remaining up side down