PRESENTATION • Foreword by the President: I, the undersigned

• Foreword by the President:
I, the undersigned Prof. Paolo Fusaro, are hereby to provide some informations about
my person and my profession in order to better define the scope in which the
Foundation which I established the Foundation Serenissima. I state that the world of
art and culture in general have always fascinated me as a child and living in a city
like Venice has done nothing but increase this passion that is as thick as a city of
museums, art galleries and historic buildings. The knowledge first and then the
attendance of famous people working in the art world (Emilio Vedova , Oskar
Kokoschka, Edo Murtic, Luciano Albertini...), has helped to enrich my knowledge in
this area to the point of pushing me to deepen my studies abroad, a process that
culminated in the first degree in "History and art Criticism" at the University of Kent
at Canterbury (UK).
From the moment I turned my passion into my work, I started traveling a lot around
the world as customers collectors gave me the mandate to raise for their paintings
belonging to certain authors, but also any other kind of artwork or collector's item.
Travelling has increased my skills and my "baggage" of contacts that I then served
over the years to take various initiatives in the humanitarian field.
Going back to my work in the past years I have worked with major Italian art
galleries (Art Gallery of the Cathedral since 1978, Interarte International Institute of
Art, 1980 etc...), for which I retrieved and performed works appraisals coming to
have a portfolio of highly respected clients including wealthy clients resident in
countries such as South Africa, UAE, Pakistan, Egypt and other... In 2000 I started
working with the Heritage Gallery Fine Art Kenton in London, as an expert
consultant of Art, since 2003 a consultant to the Auction House Olympia. In 2005 I
worked with public agencies (City of Latina and Bari) for the preparation and care of
the catalog of the exhibition entitled "Venetian painting 900" in Latin, I collaborated
with the University La Sapienza of Rome and Bari with the the council... In these
exhibitions were exposed only works from my private collection. In 2006 I
collaborated with his friend Dr. Marco Bertoli, consultant of the auction house
Christie's in New York in Rockefeller Center for the nineteenth-century Italian
painting. From 2007 to 2010 I was the department head of the Auction House Finarte
- Semenzato in Venice for the painting of the nineteenth century, a collaboration that
continues to this day for works outside the Italian territory. Traveling for work, years
ago I had the great good fortune to make the acquaintance of a great man who was
Don Branko Sbutega , Slavic priest now deceased, endowed with great artistic
competence, culture and intelligence and strong charitable mood. It was then due to
him and his willingness to donate some works of considerable value which I then
have constituted the foundation of the Serenissima which clothe the role of President
and to which I have devoted the past few years to bring to fruition a number of
projects of a humanitarian nature.
• Description of the activities of the Foundation:
La Serenissima Foundation was established in memory of the aforementioned Don
Branko Sbutega main purpose thus preserve the works he donated, enhance and,
through them, you can do good as the Slavic priest has done in his life. Just in the
spirit of ecclesiastical and humanitarian one whom the Foundation is named after, I
tried, in some cases, failing that, to use the artwork through the cooperation of other
parties who were able to generate financial opportunities that have allowed me to
realize humanitarian projects in underdeveloped areas of the world such as Mongolia
and Africa. These projects have materialized in the construction of hospitals and para
hospital in the supply of large quantities of vaccines, in financing environmentally
friendly projects that have created a large number of jobs in the third world countries.
To date, the Foundation boasts a substantial heritage in art that is well described and
formalized in the report which is attached to this report. This capital will be the basis
for further future humanitarian projects that surely will not be long to be placed in the
"yard" given the high number of requests for collaboration that are received in the
office almost daily. The Foundation has international significance so as to have a
representative office in New York and be part of the Global Compact of the UN since
2009. I want to emphasize that even I as an individual I refer to these organizations
and I promote humanitarian projects .Hoping to have you with this brief presentation
allowed us to understand what it is and what does the Foundation which I chair, rest
your hand to provide further details. We also look forward to receiving your donation
will be used to implement humanitarian projects Prof. Paolo Fusaro
Fondazione Serenissima Sede Sociale Via Cesare Battisti 54 PD Tel. + 39 3888130636 Filiale Operativa New York Noho
Street 10003
States e_ Mail. [email protected]