Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
C4D Consultant
Contract Type:
Consultancy contract, full-time.
6 months, starting immediately
Duty Station:
Geneva, Switzerland
 Summary
UNICEF is seeking to hire a Consultant to support the consultation process and facilitate a
workshop to determine a strengthened model for effective engagement with affected
communities in humanitarian settings with the objective of ensuring affected populations
have life-saving, actionable and useful information on the humanitarian situation; and that
feedback and concerns from the affected population inform the humanitarian response.
 Rationale
In 2014-15, several emergencies underscored more than ever the need for meaningful, formal
and collective engagement with communities. Whilst individual organizations and clusters
have set up diverse initiatives to enhance engagement with affected people, there continues
to be a lack of overall preparedness and prepositioned tools to support community
engagement. In light of the above, establishing a more predictable model with the dual
purpose of collectively providing information to affected people and collecting, aggregating
and analysing feedback from communities to influence decision-making processes at strategic
levels has been suggested.
 Objectives
The aim of the consultancy is to consult with clusters, cluster partners and other stakeholders
to identify how best to provide stand-alone and contextualised support that is of high quality
and is recognized and used by the humanitarian system. The support will aim to build
collaboration between humanitarian, development and government actors, as well as local
media, technology and private sector partners. At the global level, this would include establish
tools and predictable technical expertise, including a roster that can provide quickly
deployable expertise. At the field level, resources and technical support will be provided to
the HC, HCT and clusters to ensure communication services are made available to
complement and build on existing organisation and cluster communication initiatives.
 Methodology
Under the guidance of a steering group, the consultant will, based on an existing concept
note, undertake discussions, webinar, skype meetings, etc. with relevant stakeholder to
adapt, strengthen and amend the concept. The aim will be to have a more detailed proposal
for a workshop in the first quarter 2016. The concept will then be finalised and initial steps
taken to establish SOPs, working modalities and other outcomes as agreed through the
 Deliverables:
Based on consultations, amend current concept and
create a proposal for Workshop
Based on workshop outcomes and further consultations,
finalize concept.
Initial steps to establish SOPs, working modalities and
other agreed outcomes.
Final Report
60 days
15 days
45 days
December –
End of March
45 days
15 days
End of May
 Supervision
The Project will be undertaken by UNICEF’s Office of Emergency Programmes (EMOPS) in Geneva,
under the supervision of the EMOPS Chief, Global Cluster Coordination Unit in Geneva.
 Duty Station
Geneva, Switzerland. No travel expected.
 Qualification or specialized knowledge / experience required
At least 5 years of experience in humanitarian response, including operational experience.
Proven knowledge of AAP, community engagement, communication with communities and
Master’s degree, or equivalent experience in international relations, humanitarian law, social
anthropology or related fields.
Experience of partnership approaches and environments – governments, national and
international NGOs and UN is highly desirable
Ability to work on short time lines, under pressure, and managing multiple priorities
simultaneously with minimum supervision
Excellent writing, conceptual and analytical skills including the ability to present complex
processes and issues clearly to a heterogeneous audience and in an actionable manner.
Fluency in English is essential.
 How to apply
Applicants are requested to send their submissions to Maria Luisa Olavarria at
mlolavarria@unicef.org with the subject line “C4D CONSULTANT” by Friday - 13 November 2015.
Please indicate your ability, availability and monthly rate (in US$) to undertake the terms of reference
above. Applications submitted without a monthly rate will not be considered.
Applications must include:
• Cover letter
• CV
• P-11 form (available at http://www.unicef.org/about/employ/files/P11.doc )
Please note that acknowledgement of application will be extended only to short-listed candidates.