EXPO Milan 2015
An expert work-shop on the Sustainable Intensification (SI) of Agriculture and Nutrient Recycling
and Recovery (NRR)
23rd September 2015
1000 - 1100
1100 - 1130
Keynote speech: Transformation to a New Economic Model: The Role of Nutrient Recycling
and Reuse
Dr Janez POTOCNIK, Chairman of the RISE Foundation
1130 - 1230
Session I: Why should nutrient recycling and reuse for agriculture be considered an
important component of sustainable intensification: what are the key drivers?
Opening address: Professor Allan BUCKWELL, Director of the RISE study on Nutrient
Recycling and Reuse
1230 - 1330
 Dr. Morten ROSSE, Expert Associate Principal, McKinsey and Company Centre for
Business & Environment
 Professor Mark SUTTON, The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), Natural
Environment Research Council (NERC)
 Chris THORNTON, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform
Session II: What the challenges and opportunities for nutrient recycling and reuse in
European Agriculture
Opening address: Dr Nina SWEET, Special Advisor of WRAP UK
1330 - 1430
1600 - 1645
 Reinhard BUESCHER, Chairman of the Fertilizer Regulation working group and Head
of Unit "Clusters and SME Support", DG Enterprise and Industry, European
 Dr Ruben SAKRABANI, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute, Cranfield
 Dr Laetitia SIX, Scientific Officer, Fertilisers Europe
Walking lunch
*Coaches will leave from the EXPO site at approximately 1450. The journey to the nutrient
recycling centre is estimated to be 40 minutes to one hour.
Visit and tour of the Aqua and Sole Nutrient Recycling Centre
1645 - 1800
Project presentations – up to five presentations of current functioning nutrient recycling
projects from around Europe, followed by discussion.
1800 - 1900
Networking cocktail reception at the Aqua and Sole centre.
Return bus to the Centre of Milan (drop off point to be confirmed)

EXPO Milan 2015 An expert work