Relative Humidity

Chapter 15
Heat Transfer
Water in the Atmosphere
Global Patterns
Air Pressure
Relative Humidity
Latitude and Temperature
List the three temperature zones on the map and draw arrows to
The latitude of the North Pole is ____________.
The latitude of the Equator is _________.
The latitude of the South Pole is ___________.
Distance from Large Bodies of Water
Alaska is about twice the size of Texas. Factors influencing temperature,
such as distance from large bodies of water, affect this big state in
different ways. Which climate data do you think describe Juneau?
Wind and Precipitation
Mountains can form a barrier to humid air. What happens to the
humid air when it encounters the mountains?
Label the correct sides of the mountain WINDWARD and
Jet Streams
Which arrow shows the polar jet stream on the diagram? Which
arrow shows the subtropical jet stream? Label each.
Reading a Mercury Barometer
What would a low air pressure reading look like?
An Aneroid Barometer
An aneroid barometer has an airtight metal chamber, shown in
red (arrow points to it). Which diagram shows the aneroid
barometer under high pressure and which shows it under low
Air Pressure: Effect of Altitude on Pressure and Density
How densely packed would the molecules be at the different
altitudes? Draw particles in circle.
Explain the relationship between altitude (tall mountain) and
air pressure:
Wind Direction and Speed
Based on the direction of the wind vane, which direction would
the kite be flying?
What tool measures wind speed?_________________________
Global wind systems move air across Earth’s surface. Explain
how Earth’s rotation affects global winds in the Northern
Define Land Breeze:_______________________________
Draw arrows to show how a land breeze develops.
Relative Humidity
This chart shows how relative humidity changes with
temperature. Define humidity:_______________________
What tool measures humidity? ___________________________________
Relative Humidity
Relative humidity is affected by temperature.
What factors affect the weather?
Evaporation will cool the wet bulb thermometer in a
psychrometer. Water evaporates more slowly in moist air.
Describe how a psychrometer works.