ADHD & Vaccine Adjuvants in children

ADHD & Other Learning Orders: Vaccine Adjuvants
By Max S. Chartrand, Ph.D.
(Behavioral Medicine)
Exploring Causes of Toxicity
Today's allopathic medicine approach has all but thrown causal factors under the bus in favor of
symptomology. A medication for each symptom and pretty soon we find a pathology (medicationinduced, no less). Delayed mental development is not a disease. It is a symptom of underlying causes.
Chief among these and least looked at is drug and/or alcohol use by mother (and father, to a lesser
extent). heavy metal toxicity. This is closely followed by tobacco use by mothers. The stress these
horrible assaults on the developing fetus is well-known, but rarely talked about.
Another underlying cause is medication given to mother while carrying the
child, often that used right at the birth event itself. If the baby is already healthy
at the time of birth, they can usually shake off the neurological fog that occurs at
birth over intervening weeks. However, if that same stressed baby is a male and
he is rushed in the County Health
Department for his MMR vaccinations within the first six weeks, there exists a good chance that he may
develop Asperger's or high function autistic traits (or rather not develop the Corpus Collosum). Boys that
were stressed at birth or while a fetus may not have the immunological strength to withstand the
powerful adjuvants of these vaccines.
Here's a controversy you need to know about: Entire parental organizations have formed over the
issue of the mercury additive in the MMR vaccine regimen and its role in causing autistic spectrum
disorders. There is a significant anecdotal evidence that this is the case. It could not be mere coincidence
that a sudden and large rise in autism just appeared unrelated to universal promotion of the new MMR
during the early 1970s. About 90% of those cases were male infants. Male infant mortality is much
higher than female infant mortality (see chart below). However, research of this nature is expensive, so
it has had to be conducted by those whose interests it was not to find a connection. But the adjuvant
coupled with a infant with compromised immunology still appears to be the "perfect storm" connection.
This is one of the reasons we feel that parents should hold off having the MMR battery until they
are sure the baby's immune system is strong enough to handle it. This is far cry different than those
who would dispense with vaccines at all. Our society has made many misguided judgments in public
health policy--where do I begin with this? The shape of the current adulterated food supply is a good
place to start, but also allowable levels of heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other additives to
drinking water is another. In a bell curve of the population, there are always outliers who will find these
trace levels of heavy metals and poisonous chemicals harmful.
Other conditions that develop as a result of mercury poisoning are terrible (i.e., autism spectrum,
acrodynia (pink disease), Hunter-Russell Syndrome, Minimata disease, ataxia, slowed speech, hearing
and speech problems, the list is endless). Homes in industrial areas or where mercury and related metals
are utilized are particularly exposed to mercury risk. Again, such require--but rarely receive--chelation
therapy and myelin/glial cell rebuild with sublingual methyl B-12 with folic acid. Three months of this,
could allow the child's neurological system to heal over time and continue development. So many
sources exist that can expose a child to mercury, including the amalgam that was removed in mother's
teeth and which the 60% mercury might have been released all at once into her body, exposing a
developing fetus to toxic levels.