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DOMESTICATION is adapting the behavior of an animal to fit the needs of people
o Bos Taurus and Bos indicus are the scientific names
o Cattle were brought to North America by Columbus on his 2nd voyage in 1493
o Cattle spread west, and most cattle herds were in the Great Plains because of grazing and North Central
because of grain
o Scientific name is Sus scrofa and Sus vittatus
o Brought to North America in 1493 with Columbus
o Raised now in Corn Belt (Nebraska-Iowa-Illinois-Indiana-Ohio-Missouri)
o Among first animals to be tamed
o Wool used for fabric for 10,000-20,000 years
o Ancestors are Moufflons and Asiatic urial
o Goats came from Switzerland originally
o Ancestors are Pasang and Markhors
o Ancestor is Eohippus
o Columbus brought on second voyage in 1493
o First horses were probably domesticated in Central Asia or Persia
o Gallus domesticus is the scientific name of chickens
o Poultry is raised mainly now in the Corn Belt.
o Poultry has gone from being raised in small herds on small farms to being raised in large confinement
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