Chapter 3 Questions. Match the definition and answer [ankylo, arthro

Chapter 3 Questions.
Match the definition and answer [ankylo, arthro, um, kypho, chrondro]
1. hump
2. Cartilage 3. Crooked, bent, stiff
4. Joint
5. Noun ending
[costo, cranio, desis, lysis, myelo]
6. cranium, skull
of a bone or joint
7. Rib 8. Setting free 9. Spinal cord
10. Surgical fixation
[osteo, spondylo, lordo, poietic, scolio]
11. vertebral column.
formation 15. Bone
12. Curved 13. Bent backward 14. Pertaining to
16. The shaft of a long bone _______
17. The tarsals make up the _______
18. The upper portion of the sternum is the _________
19. This type of joint is movable _____________________
20. The anterior portion of the pelvic girdle is known as the _______________
21. The blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass through an opening in a bone
known as a _____________.
22. The tissue that connects one bone to another is known as a/an
23. The hip socket is known as the _______________________
24. The bones of the fingers and toes are called _____________________
25. A normal projection on the surface of a bone is a/an ___________________
[ clavicle, olecranon, sternum, patella, zygomatic]
26. breastbone
27. cheek bone
28. collar bone
29. kneecap
30. point of the elbow
31. The surgical procedure to loosen an ankylosed joint is called
arthrodesis or arthrolysis
32. A physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
characterized by inflammation in the connective tissues is a/an
Orthopedist or rheumatologist
33. An _________ transplant uses bone marrow from a donor.
Allogenic or autologous
34. The term meaning the surgical repair of the skull is a
Craniectomy or cranioplasty
35. The type of arthritis this is commonly known as wear-and-tear arthritis is
Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
Find the misspelled word in each sentence, and then correctly spell it.
36. The medical term for the condition commonly known as low back pain is
37. Ostealgea means any pain that is linked to an abnormal condition with a
38. Ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammatory joint disease characterized by
progressive stiffening of the spine.
39. The term meaning suturing or wiring together of bones is osterrhaphy.
40. The sound heard when the ends of a broken bone move together are called
Use the following word parts to build the correct answer.
-it is
41. Abnormal hardening of a bone is called ____________
42. The surgical removal of a rib is a/an ______________
43. The term meaning a disease of the cartilage is ____________
44. A surgical incision into a joint is a/an _______________
45. The term meaning inflammation of cartilage is ____________
46. The surgical removal of a joint is a/an _________________
47. The term meaning inflammation of more than one joint is __________
48. The term meaning any disease involving the bones and joints is __________
49. A surgical incision or division of a rib is a/an _____________
50. The term meaning abnormal softening of the skull is ____________