Skeletal System Review


Skeletal System Review

Which bone is known as the kneecap?

Patella Which condition is abnormal softening of bones due to disease?


The surgical removal of a bursa Bursectomy Surgical repair of the skull Cranioplasty The medical term for collarbone clavicle

The medical term for breastbone Sternum The top part of the sternum Manubrium The bottom part of the sternum Xiphoid process

What is the calcaneus bone?

the heel bone That is the thigh bone?

Femur What is the scapula?

Shoulder blade

What are the finger and toe bones called?

phalanges What is the abnormal increase in the forward curvature of the lumbar spine?

lordosis What is the abnormal sideways spine curvature?


What is the abnormal increase in the outward curvature of the thoracic spine as viewed from the side?

kyphosis What term describes a fracture where the bone is splintered or crushed?


What is the condition of excess uric acid crystals in the joint?

gouty arthritis (gout) A defect in which the spinal canal fails to close around the spinal cord?

spina bifida Surgical repair of the cartilage chondroplasty

Inflammation of the vertebrae? (spondyl = vertebrae) spondylitis Surgical repair of a damaged joint?

arthroplasty Death of bone tissue?


Which bone tissue functions as a fat storage area?

yellow bone marrow Inflammation of bone AND bone marrow?

osteo/myel/it is What is the flexible tip of the nose made up of?

cartilage Surgical incision into a joint?


Surgical incision into a bone oste/otomy Surgical removal of a spinal lamina laminectomy A marked loss of bone density and an increase in bone porosity is called…..


A surgical puncture of the joint space to remove fluid for analysis arthro/centesis The lower portion of the sternum xiphoid process