Medieval Faire Permission Slip 2015

Medieval Faire & Tournament
March _______
Greetings, lords and ladies!
We are coming up to the time of our annual Medieval Faire and tournament. Participation is
mandatory for all students. This is a fun activity but you will also receive a grade for it.
In your History class, you will be grouped into manors. The manor will consist of a knight, archer,
herald/squire, horse, swordsman, and one or two peasants/monks/lords/ladies/etc. You will dress up
as whatever medieval person you chose. The manors will participate in a banquet and compete
against each other at the tournament in four events.
Dress in Medieval Costume
Parent Initial
You will need to have a tunic worn over regular clothing for minimum credit. Those of you who make
an elaborate costume can receive extra credit (create a hat, a dress, shoes, pants, other Medieval
accessories). All members of the manor must incorporate their heraldic symbol with manor colors
into his or her costume. A site you can visit for ideas for your costume is
Your tunic must be hand made. Do not come to school the day of the fair in modern clothing and
claim that it is a costume. Also, please do not bring any accessory that resembles a weapon.
Many students purchase a cheap cotton fabric in their manor’s color. Fabric will be provided for
students with financial need if they request it by Friday 2/27. On Monday 3/9, you must bring your
completed costume to school. Students who do not have their costumes on this day will be assigned
an afterschool detention in order to make their costume.
Participate by Competing OR Bringing Food
Parent Initial
A) Participate in the tournament
 Knight: 1) a shield, 2) a helmet, and 3) a tunic. NO FOOD REQUIRED
 Horse: Match the Knight’s outfit. PAPER GOODS for BANQUET __________________
 Archer: Make your own bow (no store bought!), we provide arrows. NO FOOD REQ.
 Swordsman: Make a shield. We will provide the “sword.” FOOD REQUIRED
 Herald/Squire: Deliver heraldry speech. FOOD REQUIRED
 Other roles: Wear your costume. FOOD REQUIRED
B) Bring food: Create an authentic medieval dish.
Parent Initial
Do not include ingredients that were unavailable to Medieval Europeans. (See p. 455)
You can find many recipes for medieval cookery in the library or on the Internet. Try: (no www.)
Make enough food to feed 4 people. You must bring the food item in a disposable dish or tray. You
will never see that dish again!
On the day of the fair
 Bring food, paper goods, and tournament equipment to the cafeteria before school.
 Check in with an adult to get credit.
 Tape the food label from your Medieval Faire Packet on cover.
Fulfill mid-year obligations
Parent Initial
Clear outstanding book fines for your History textbook - If you missed the book check from
January you must see Ms. Hovingh on your own time with your textbook or pay the fine. If
you do not clear this fine, you will not participate in the Medieval Faire.
Please help us continue to fund this activity and donate $1 with your permission slip.
I have read and agree to all participation requirements for the Medieval Faire.
_______________________________________________ (Guardian signature)
We could use some parental support. We need help in 2 areas: 1) food set up and take down, and 2)
chaperones to help with general crowd control. We would love to see you in costume, too!
Please check or highlight the
times you are available.
March 18th Period 1,3,5
Set Up 8:00-8:30
Period 1 8:30-10:45
Period 3 10:30-12:30
Period 5 12:50-3:00
Take Down 2:30-3:15
March 19th Period 2,4,6
Set Up 8:00-8:30
Period 2 8:30-10:45
Period 4 10:30-12:30
Period 6 12:50-3:00
Take Down 2:30-3:30
(day 2 takes a bit more
time to clean)
If you would like to participate
with your child, please make sure
you sign up for the correct day.
YES! I can help! Please contact me
with more information as the day approaches.
o Student name ____________________
o Guardian name ___________________
o Guardian email ___________________
 YES! I am cleared with Megan’s Law (if not, you can get a form from the front office).