NCnotes03.10.2015 - New America School

NAS Board Leadership Committee Report, March 10, 2015
The NAS Board Leadership Committee convened at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Vinny, Polly,
Gina (by phone) and Mary attended as committee members, with Dom as staff.
The meeting’s purpose was to discuss two possible candidates to recommend for board consideration at this
time. Mary held for later discussion—perhaps for possible 2016 board consideration—that of Daisy Perez, a
candidate being recommended by Diane Lefley. In checking with Diane, Daisy is not “teed up” right not for an
immediate consideration. Diane will vet the situation with this talented woman and follow up with Mary later
in the year.
The other candidate is Jorge Loweree, nominated by Gina. Jorge is an attorney with experience in
immigration law and has provided NAS considerable pro bono help on DACA and related issues. He is head
of immigration issues for Jared Polis. (The ethics rules whether an elected official’s staff has been examined
and there are no conflicts known, nor prohibitions.) We discussed that Jorge is quite eager to join the Board
and is also considering the offer of another Board. After discussion, it was recommended to nominate him to
the Board for a vote at the upcoming March meeting. We do not want to lose the interest of this strong
candidate. His term would be 4/15 – Dec., 2017 and the Board Leadership Committee will meet with him after
the recommended board meeting vote, and before he attends the April board meeting.
The second discussion matter was review of suggested areas for board development and in-services per the
February retreat. Suggested ideas from that retreat included understanding financials; cultural competency
training; an advocacy ask training; more knowledge about the 14-high-risk criteria; best practices for EACs in
the state and beyond; and NAS board members attending the CCAEC summit in April. The committee
discussed all and recommended three in particular be recommended at this time: 14o high-risk criteria; best
practices for EACs in the state and beyond; and attending the CCAEC summit in April. These three
recommendations will be advanced to the full Board at the ensuing March board meeting.
The meeting of the Board Leadership Committee adjourned at 4:15 p.m.
Mary Hanewall, Chair: NAS Board Leadership Committee