Community engagement programme The challenge of

Community engagement programme
The challenge of cardiovascular disease - quick statistics
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the second largest cause of death in England, accounting for 29% of
all deaths in 2011.
Around 46% of all deaths from CVD are from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and almost a fifth from
stroke (18%).
Most deaths caused by cardiovascular disease are premature and could easily be prevented by
making lifestyle changes. A 1% decrease in cholesterol in the population could lead to a 2–4% CHD
mortality reduction; a 1% reduction in smoking prevalence could lead to 2000 fewer CHD deaths
per year; and a 1% reduction in population diastolic blood pressure could prevent around 1500 CHD
deaths each year.
With an ageing population and the current rising levels of obesity and diabetes in the UK, a strong
focus on prevention is essential in reducing premature deaths (mortality) and ill health (morbidity)
from CVD in the population as a whole.
Heartbeat’s community engagement programme focuses on highlighting the risk factors associated
with Cardiovascular Disease and aim to empower
individuals to make small changes that have a big impact
on overall health. Our talks and workshops include:
 Understanding cardiovascular disease and risk
 Healthy eating
 Smoking cessation and the dangers of shisha
 Emergency first aid skills
 Blood pressure and cholesterol testing events
If you would like our input into your events, seminars, meetings or conferences, please contact us.