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Assignment on Cardiovascular Disease and Diet
Answer all questions. All answers must be precise and supported by references.
1. Briefly explain the relationship between SFA, MUFA, n-6 PUFA and trans fats and CVD risk.
2. Explain the features of the Mediterranean Diet and describe the benefits of it in reducing
the risk of CVD.
3. List the benefits of EPA and DHA in prevention and treatment of CVD. Give evidence for the
4. What is the WHO position regarding salt and hypertension?
5. Summerise the studies done on coconut fat and CHD using less than 500 words.
6. Write a brief account on Barker’s hypothesis and explain its link with NCDs.
7. What is the relationship between triacylglycerols (fasting and postprandial) and CHD?
8. Explain the atherosclerosis process using a fully labelled diagram.
9. What is the role of plant substances in CHD prevention.
10. Show the link between central obesity-insulin resistance and atherosclerosis.