Mr. Kelly & Mr. Rasavongxay
Study Guide
Unit 1 – Mesopotamia & Egypt
Have your independent reading book handy. If you finish the test early you will turn in
the test and quietly read while other students finish.
This test covers chapters 1 and 2 in your textbook. Here’s the link to the text book’s
website. You’ll find chapter outlines, review questions and other resources on the site.
Multiple Choice
The multiple choice section will have 40 questions. At the bottom of the sheet is a list of
terms, people and concepts that you should know for the test. All of the PowerPoints
are up on SharePoint if you’d like to review any of the course material. Any literature
we focused on in class is fair game. Be sure to have an understanding of each work.
Short Answer
The written portion will have six short answer questions. You must answer five of them.
If you answer all six we’ll count your best five. The questions will cover:
 Hammurabi’s Code
 Persian Empire Management
 The Palette of Narmer
 The Epic of Gilgamesh
 The Creation Myths
 The “Book of Job”
Review List
 River Civilizations
 Epic of Gilgamesh
 Early Religions
o Polytheism
o Egyptian Beliefs
o Book of the Dead
o Creation myths
o Book of Job
 Judaism
 Mesopotamian History
 Egyptian History
 Hammurabi’s Code
Mesopotamian Culture
o Cuneiform
o Ziggurat
o Standard of Ur
o Bas Reliefs
Egyptian Culture
o Pyramids
o Rosetta Stone
o Love Poetry
MLA format