Preliminary Registration Form
Lake Sturgeon Bowl Competition
Host Facility: UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences
Open House—Friday February 5, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Competition—Saturday, February 6, UWM School of Continuing Education
School Name_________________________________________________ Phone _______________ FAX ____________
School Address ___________________________________ City _____________________ ST ______ZIP ____________
Coach Name _______________________________________________________________ T-Shirt Size _____________
Phone _____________________ Cell____________________ Email _________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________ City _____________________ ST ______ZIP ____________
Expected Team Members (Does not have to reflect final roster):
1. _______________________________________________________________________ T-Shirt Size _____________
2. _______________________________________________________________________ T-Shirt Size _____________
3. _______________________________________________________________________ T-Shirt Size _____________
4. _______________________________________________________________________ T-Shirt Size _____________
5. _______________________________________________________________________ T-Shirt Size _____________
I have read and understand the National Ocean Sciences Bowl Coaching and Participation Policy available on the web at:
Coach’s Signature _________________________________________________ Date _________________
The first 8 completed registration forms will be selected on a first‐come, first served basis. Up to 8 additional teams will
be selected via lottery after November 15, 2015
Email, fax, or send form by November 15, 2015
Liz Sutton
School of Freshwater Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
600 E. Greenfield Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
[email protected]
Note: If your team is selected, you will be asked to fill out an official, detailed registration form and team member list.
There a $75.00 non‐refundable fee to be paid only after notification of selection.

LAKE STURGEON BOWL 2016 Registration Form