World History Quest: The Rise Of The Middle Ages

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World History Quest: The Rise Of The Middle Ages
What signaled the beginning of the Middle Ages?
The fall or decline of the Roman empire
What did the development of various languages in Western Europe demonstrate?
Shows the continued break up of Rome
Why did learning decline during the last years of Roman Empire?
Invaders/Germanic tribes could not read or write
What was the feudal system based on?
A system of mutual obligations
How would you best describe the noblewomen of the Middle Ages?
Inferior to most people
Limited role
Lacked social, political and economic rights
Who was the feudal contract usually between?
A greater lord and his less powerful noble
How would you best describe the medieval serfs?
They can’t be bought or sold like slaves
They are bound to the land so they can’t leave the lord’s estate
Describe a medieval manor.
A self-sufficient unit
What led to the development of the code of chivalry?
Violence among men
It was used to control that excessive force
How were feudalism and the manor system related?
Feudalism was a social order and the manor system was the economic
arrangement that supported it
According to the code of chivalry, a knight fought for what three people?
His earthly lord, his heavenly lord, and his lady
What factors eventually lead to the decline of Viking raids?
Farming conditions improved at home so they no longer needed to travel
Explain two SIMILARITIES & two DIFFERENCES between noble women and
peasant women?
Both held the “woman’s role”
Both had no political rights or economic rights
Both held little property
N – had limited power when her husband was away
P – had not power
N-had formal training (education)
P – trained by mom (no formal education)
N – got land from her husband
P – can’t own land
N- works only in the home
P – endless hours of work in the home and the field
Describe the code of Chivalry and how it impacts a knight’s life. Give three
The code of Chivalry is a code of conduct or rules for knights to follow based on
bravery, honor and courtesy
It sets up or defines what a knight’s role in society
It shows who he should treat his lady (with honor and respect)
It shows who he fights for or protects
It shows who he can or cannot fight
Explain how Feudalism developed in Europe starting with the fall of Rome. (Chart)
Intro – define feudalism
Feudalism develops as a result of the fall of the Roman Empire
As a result of the fall of Rome, trade declined. People moved from the cities to
the country and the central government fell apart
The need for a new social/government structure since everything else was gone
The social needs –self sufficiency
-economic stability
From this the Manor develops as an economic unit that now answers all of the
As a result of this, the feudal system social structure develops
Manor –the lord’s estate and all the surrounding villages and land
Middle Ages-the time period after the fall of Rome, also called the Dark Ages
Secular-focus more on worldly issues than the issues of the church
Feif-parts of land which the lord will give to people in his service
Troubadours –people who supported the idea of chivalry through their songs and
Canon Law-church laws