Final Exam Review World Cultures 1. Define Ethnic Group:

Final Exam Review
World Cultures
1. Define Ethnic Group:
2. Give an example of a renewable Source:
3. Give characteristics of a Developed Country:
4. Define each of the Five themes of Geography:
5. Define Climate:
6. Name one Pull factor of migration:
7. Cultural Diffusion takes place how? 3 ways
8. What is Urbanization?
9. Define Culture:
10. Reasons why the Death Rate in Africa is high?
11. Define Colonialism:
12. Holy book of Islam:
13. How many Africans (Slaves) were brought to America?
14. Define Apartheid:
15. Define Canopy:
16. Waterfalls are created by what?
17. Why did European countries try to control Africa?
18. What is Ecotourism
19. How did the Great Rift Valley form?
20. Africa music and dance importance?
21. Problem in Africa over population growth?
22. Location of the Sahara Desert. Where in Africa?
23. Define Passes:
24. Explain what the European Union is:
25. What happened in Chernobyl explain:
26. What does the term navigable mean?
27. Three ways Rome influenced Europe.
28. Europe is connected to what other land mass?
29. Places you will have to locate on a map: Germany, Spain, Mediterranean Sea,
Alps(mountains) England as an island(physical feature)
30. South Asia relies on what important import to help their energy needs?
31. Impact of Gandhi:
32. Explain why is the Ganges River important:
33. Define Ring of Fire:
34. Where is the Himalaya Mountain Range located?
35. Define Haiku:
36. Define Globalization:
37. Country that is an example of an archipelago?
38. Why is the Huang He yellow in color?
39. Impact of Monsoons on South Asia’s climate.
40. Two major religions in South Asia.
41. Reason houses are built on stilts in South Asia
42. Marco Polo: what did he do?
43. Impact of coal use in China on the environment?
44. Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia
45. Location of India on a map
Middle East
46. Locate the following on a map Nile, Iraq, Egypt, and Persian Gulf
47. Most popular religion in the Middle East:
48. What does the Suez Canal do?
49. Middle East’s most important resource?
50. Why do they have desalinization and rationing in the Middle East?
Latin America
51. Use of the Panama Canal in Latin America.
52. Puerto Rico as a territory of the United States.
53. Cuba as a communist country.
54. Language of Brazil?
55. Panama is what type of land form?
56. Locate each of the following on a map: Amazon River, Andes Mountains, Brazil, Mexico,
and Pacific Ocean.
North America
57. Define representative democracy:
58. Who is the largest U.S. trading partner?
59. Britain and location of their original 13 colonies.
60. Highest Point in North America? Location
61. Which region in the United States is known for tornadoes?
62. Locate the following on a map: Texas, United States, Mississippi River, Appalachian
Mountains, Florida as a peninsula