Who Am I
Sociologist Picture Match
Directions: Cut each explanation out and then past each explanation next to the appropriate Sociologist.
Auguste Comte
Harriet Martineau
Herbert Spencer
Karl Marx
Emile Durkheim
Max Weber
Jane Addams
W.E.B. DuBois
I am a British author who wrote Society in America.
I believe in mixing social analysis and social reform and focused my studies on race
I believe that sociologists should only study elements of society that are directly
observable and can be tested by using statistical analysis.
I focused on solving the problems of the poor by studying those living in poverty using
I believe that the best aspects of a society will survive over time because social change is
a natural occurrence that allows a society to move toward stability and perfection.
I published my findings of those living in poverty in the US and sparked the first national
discussion on the effects of industrialization and urbanization.
I believe that I should advocate change to solve the problems that I have studied.
I am the founder of sociology who coined the term sociology to describe the study of
I believe a society can be reformed by using scientific research to study and understand
social statics and social dynamics.
I created the idea of social Darwinism and believe that the best societies will survive
over time leading to a stronger improved world.
I created the first university course in Sociology and was the first to apply the methods
of science to study society.
I would like to see a classless society where each person contributes based on ability
and is rewarded based on need.
I was the first African American to earn my Doctorate from Harvard.
I am interested in studying how society impacts individuals and think sociologist can
study people’s feelings and thoughts along with direct observation.
I believe in social reform so I helped found the NAACP.
I believe that conflict and an imbalance of power leads to social change so many
consider me the founder of the conflict theory despite the fact that I never considered
myself a sociologist.
I created the Hull House in Chicago where I provided welfare, educational, and
recreational services for poor residents in the area.
I traveled the US to objectively study marriage, education, family, and religion to see if
the US lived up to its promise of democracy.
I believe in the survival of the fittest and feel nothing is needed by the government to fix
social problems
I enjoy studying social order and social change and believe society can change through
definite processes called social dynamics.
I am more interested in studying specific groups in society rather than society as a
I believe that society is a set of interdependent parts that each have a function.
I try to uncover one’s thoughts and feelings by using the principle of Verstchen and
putting myself in the place of others and trying to see the situation through their eyes.
I believe that societal change will occur when the working class rebels and overthrows
the capitalists in power.