Cougar Borchure

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RTD Explorer
Serial Terminal
Real-Time Graphing
CSV Export
Fault Display
RTD Explorer is a real time data
acquisition program for the open
source cougar based EV motor
controllers. With this program you will
be able to view and modify
parameters of the Cougar based
controllers in real time. All available
real time information can be graphed
for quick visual checking. Data can
also be exported for viewing in a
program such as Excel.
Adam Brunette
Kits By Creator Paul Holmes:
Open Source
Open Source Cougar Controller
The open source Cougar controller is a project started by Paul Holmes back in December of 2008.
When trying to convert a 70’s Super Beetle, He was frustrated in the cost of even the cheapest Curtis
controllers. Thus, The Cougar was born. The controller was designed around an ATmega8 AVR
microcontroller and was later on upgraded to a ATmega168. Both are still compatible in current
firmware. The main logic board was designed to run off the cars 12V accessory battery and is isolated
from the traction battery. Fully customizable. Many different
controllers with different power stages have been built all over
the world, All based on the same logic!
144V 500A
for $600* and Less!!
High Pedal Lockout (the controller
won't start if the accelerator is
pressed down)
Cycle by cycle hardware over current
Low voltage controller disable (if the
control section power supply drops
too low, the mosfet driver is
Controller accepts any pack voltage
in the range of 0v up to 144v
nominal. 0v won't have a very high
top speed. :)
Throttle is proportional to current. No
jerky starts. Very smooth operation
at any speed.
It's not yet known how long the
controller can run at a given current
Controller was able to output 200
amps for about 20 minutes in
Phoenix during July, where the
ambient temperature was around
108 degF, Without thermal limiting
coming on.
8 step thermal current limiting
starting at 85°C Full Shutdown at
There is temperature cutback,
starting at around 75 degC.
All setting’s reprogrammable
through serial Connection
16kHz SILENT Switching operation
all the time. No high pitch wine
when the controller gets hot.
Sensorless Motor Overspeed
protection. No Tach Sensor
Battery Amps Limiting
Amp Hours Used Calculator
Built In Contactor Control.
Tunable for different Performance
*Prices vary depending on who’s kit you buy.