Globalization - what does it mean for me?
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As students living in America, Globalization has impacted on us in many ways. We
drive foreign cars, eat food produced abroad, wear clothing made else ware, and use
Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and other mobile phones. With all of this in mind it is time to
ask ourselves the questions 'What does Globalization have to do with me?'
Let us begin by looking at what the world would look like if it was a Village made up
of 100 people. This provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the world we live
Complete the
Miniature Earth Subject Sampler and take time to consider your personal responses
to the questions that are posed.
To further explore the notion of Globalization you may choose to complete this
Insight Reflector.
The Question
The main question you will be asked to find an answer for is:
What is Globalization and how does it impact on individuals, Americans and
the World?
Background Information
Prior to beginning your formal research on Globalization, identify the items of
clothing that your team are wearing that were made outside of the USA and the food
you have eaten recently that comes from another culture. On a map of the world plot
the countries that were identified through this process.
You should use a different color to clearly identify food you have eaten and the
clothing you wear.
What does this map now tell us about the global influence on our everyday lives? Is
there a region that has a greater influence than another?
Individual Roles
There are always two (or three or four!) sides to any story. As a Team you now have
the opportunity to further explore the issue of Globalization in a number of key
areas in order to develop broader knowledge and understanding of this issue and its
impact on individuals, America and beyond.
For each of the following roles you are to work with a partner to explore the impact
of Globalization in a range of areas and to consider possible values and benefits or
issues and concerns which Globalization brings.
With your partner consider the place of Economics when discussing the issue of
You may choose for one person to focus on the values and benefits of Globalization
and the other on issues and concerns.
1) Explain the role of an economist.
2) Define globalization in terms of economics.
3) Identify the economic benefits of Globalization and the issues and concerns
associated with Globalization.
4) Do some countries benefit more from Globalization than others? What
explanation can you provide for this?
World Bank - Globalization and the economy
World Bank - data and statistics
Expand the Debate on Globalization
Definition for economics
Ppt on economic impact of Globalization
Provides economic data on impact of Globalization over recent years.
Table identifying links between countries and the global economy.
Globalisation and the Aid Program
Australia is working to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges
presented to developing countries by globalization.
Free Markets and Poverty
Human Rights Activist
The issue of Human Rights has long been discussed in history. Use the links below to
consider the impact that Globalisation has had on Human Rights. Specifically, look
for answers to the following questions:
1) What does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set out?
2) Consider how global companies support or abuse Human Rights.
3) What responsibility should global countries have to ensure acceptable working
conditions for their employee's?
4) Is the issue of human rights limited to certain continents or is it a real worldwide
5) Does Globalisation hinder or promote human rights?
Child Labor Case Studies
Poverty & Globalisation
BBC Online Network
Nike Sweat shops
FAQ about Nike
GAP sweatshops
Justice for Refugees
Does globalization increase child labor?: evidence from Vietnam
Globalization and Child Labor
Amnesty Focuses on Globalization
With your partner consider how Globalization impacts on the environment.
Specifically, look for answers to the following questions:
1) Consider how Globalization impacts on the Environment.
2) Is Globalization the sole reason for environmental concerns?
3) How are companies and governments working together to address
environmental concerns?
Globalization damaging environment - experts
Gulf News online edition
What are the environmental impacts of globalization?
Will the world become more polluted as industrial activity expands?
Take the tour
Globalization and the Environment
An Address to the 5th Annual Conference on International Trade and
Is economic growth a cause of or cure for the environmental pollution?
Globalization: Perceptions and Threats to National Government in Australia
26 June 2001
World Environment Foundation
Use the links below to learn more about your role. Specifically, look for answers:
1) Consider what are the key elements of a countries culture. How does
Globalization impact on these?
2) What relationship exists between globalization and the decline of individual
3) Does Globalization lead to a 'monoculture'? Consider this in light of the discussion
on 'Americanization' of the world.
4) As an American consider the impact of other cultures on your life style.
Does Globalization Thwart Cultural Diversity?
Vanishing Cultures
Series of images
Cultural Survival
Promoting rights of indigenous people
Definition of Anthropology
Cultural Survival website
UNESCO and Culture
Use this site to assist you in researching on Culture, trade and globalization.
How does globalization affect culture?
Advance Australia Where?
International Tourist Arrivals
US Market Share of Film Industry for Select Countries
Take care to address the following as you work together in this final stage:
1. Clearly provide arguments from each of the roles (Economist, Human Rights,
Environmentalist and Anthropologist) that support the teams final response.
2. Make use of a wide variety of information such as pictures, movies, facts, opinions,
etc that you explored in order to provide clear reasons for the teams final opinion.
3. Provide clear recommendations that the Minister can refer to in relation to
whether or not Australia should support a policy of Globalisation.
McDonalds Corporate site
McDonalds Social Responsibility Statement
McDonalds Homepage
Select menu bar on the right to identify countries which do not have
Nike - social responsibility
Nike - Global Diversity
The globalization debate
16 and 17 year old students from Dale Bennett's year eleven English class at
Carey Grammar in Melbourne, argue that globalisation may be thought of in
terms of intensified flows of people, resources, technology and ideas across
political and cultural borders.
McDonalds Restaurants: Number by Region
Real World Feedback:
Jacinta Allan, Minister for Youth Affairs, Victoria.
As we travel and use the internet, sms and chat we are all participating in a global
world and will increasingly do so.
Throughout this WebQuest you have had the opportunity to consider the impact
that Globalisation has on a number of areas and to consider it from a range of
perspectives. This has been achieved through researching individually and looking
at the issue from a variety of ways and then by working together as a team to
determine a response to the key question.
Hopefully this process will help you be more aware of the world in which you live
and inform decisions you make.