Globalization Unit Outline

Globalization Unit Outline
Unit Length: ~10 Days
The term globalization generally refers to the increasing integration of the world’s economies and societies. This
unit introduces students to basic economic principles, key international organizations, and the issues surrounding free
trade. Globalization has many benefits to consumers and businesses in rich and developing countries alike, but there are
also risks inherent in an interconnected economy. Students will explore US-Chinese relations within the context of this
unit, as China is a global economic power.
Lesson Topics:
1. Intro to Economic Principles
2. Regulating Globalization
3. Global Financial Crisis
4. US-China Relations
Potential Assessment Topics: This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. Anything that you’ve seen or read about in the
news (check out class resources binders & yaffa block) is fair game. Get curious, get engaged with what’s happening.
Choose your topic, complete the general research organizer, select & complete your preferred assessment method.
US Economic Terms (Wall St, stock market, The Dow, bear market, bull market, recession, depression, unemployment rate, inflation,
deflation, cost of living, mortgage, foreclosure, underwater, deficit, national debt, debt ceiling, stimulus, Federal Reserve)
Global Economic Terms (outsourcing, free trade, fair trade, dumping, trade deficit, quotas, tariffs, subsidy, bitcoin, crowdfunding,
microfinancing, intellectual property, etc.)
Organizations (IMF, World Bank, WTO, NAFTA, EU, G8, G20, MNC’s,
Issues (Too Big to Fail, Global Economic Crisis, Globalization & Nationalism, Trade & Migration, Cultural Globalization/Americanization,
Rise of BRICS, Foreign Aid i.e. Chinese investments in Africa, currency wars, black market, dark market, labor conditions i.e. Chinese
manufacturing, African mining, etc, see me if you have your own)
Books: The Wealth of Nations, Currency Wars, The World is Flat, The Lexus & the Olive Tree, Globalization & Its
Discontents, In Defense of Globalization, How Soccer Explains the World, The Post-American World (2.0),
Films & Documentaries: Blood Colton, Diamonds of War: Africa’s Blood Diamond, The Dark Side of Chocolate, Child
Slavery, The Globalisation Tapes, The Great African Scandal, Life and Debt, The Light Bulb Conspiracy, The New Rulers of
the World, No Logo, Not for Sale, Disposable People, Steal This Film, Bombay Calling, This is What Democracy Looks Like,
Battle in Seattle, The Take, Squeezed, The Cup, Children of Heaven, The Way Home, Babel, China Blue, Global Cities,
Inside Job, Too Big to Fail, Mardi Gras Made in China,