College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences
Approval of a Course to Meet A&S Undergraduate Core Requirements
Note: No courses can be approved to meet the A&S Core until they have been approved by the A&S Curriculum
Committee. With your submission, include a complete syllabus. The syllabus should include appropriate reference to
the purpose and outcomes of the course, as well as to assessment methods.
Course title
Course number
Instructor name
How long has this course been offered?
What requirement would this course fulfill?
In answering the following questions, please refer to the “Purpose” and “Student outcomes” described in the
“Components of the Core Curriculum” document. For courses that will meet the Cultural Diversity requirement, refer
also to the description of the requirement approved by the Faculty Council in 1995. (Both documents available from
the A&S Dean’s Office.)
6. Describe how the proposed course fulfills the purpose of the appropriate core component.
7. Describe the student outcomes of the proposed course and how they fit with outcomes of the
appropriate core component.
8. How will outcomes be assessed? (That is, how will you determine that the purposes of the
core have been achieved in this course? Some common assessment methods include a pre-test
and post-test, specific assignments or exam questions targeted to measure particular outcomes, or
an end-of-semester discussion with students that is summarized by the instructor. The
assessment method should produce data that can be kept as a record of the course’s