Number; Continuation with year 4 expectations.
Designing and creating our own Viking Long boats
Fractions; equivalent fractions, fractions of shapes and
Problem Solving and designing treasure boxes with alarm systems.
Electricity; Series/Parallel Circuits, What
are conductors and insulators of
electricity? Recognising symbols of
electrical components, types of switches.
Chalk paintings of Vikings.
Position and Direction; 2d grid coordinates.
Dragon head statues for Viking longboats – Picasso one line drawing.
Measurement; Conversions of (km-m, hours-minutes and
pounds to pence). Reading 12hr and 24hr using analogue and
digital clocks.
Longboat paintings using different textures and layers.
What toys did The Vikings have? What armour did the Vikings have?
Statistic; interpreting and presenting data on graphical methods.
Animals, Including Humans: Teeth, The
digestive system, Food Chains.
What did the Vikings eat?
Shape; Symmetry.
History: Buried Treasure - The Vikings
Gaining an understanding what England was like before the Vikings
invaded. Focusing on the Life of the Anglo-Saxons
Poetry – Creating Images using alliteration, similes,
personification and recognising rhyme through adjective
The reasons why the Vikings Invaded. Key focus on the raid on the
Monasteries in Lindisfarne.
Were the Vikings split into different groups?
Stories from imaginary worlds – Warrior Troll, How To Train A
How the Vikings lived (in Longhouses) and compare the living Today.
Persuasive Writing - Children explore and discuss adverts. They
find key features of persuasive writing and use these with a
twis;, to persuade people NOT to buy!
Who did the Vikings worship?
Who ruled over England at the time of the Vikings?
What the Vikings used as transport and how they were made –
Play Scripts – Create characters using description, stage
directions and dialogue. Compare dialogue and playscripts.
What can we learn from artefacts? Did they have coins?
MFL – French.
Recognising how the Vikings communicated through labels using ‘Runes’
What alphabet did the Vikings use?
Use of eight points of compass, four and six figure grid references,
symbols and key (including the use of Ordnance Survey Maps). To build
knowledge of the UK and wider world.
PE –
Swimming (Mondays).
Gymnastics; Bridging using the body and apparatus
(stretching, exploring over/under/along).
Outdoor Games; Tennis.
RE – Parables of Jesus; Caring for Creation.
PSHE – Going for Goals; Good to be me.
Human geography; focusing on settlements, land use, economic activities
(trade links and distribution of natural resources).

Y4 `The Vikings` Topic Plan Spring 2015